30 April 2012


I may have forgotten your Birthday by a day, but I haven't forgotten all the lovely times that we've spent together. So cheers to that and I wish you a Belated Happy Birthday!

27 April 2012

Who is a boy?

A boy is one of the most beautiful creations of God.
He starts compromising at very tender age.
He sacrifices his chocolates for his sister
Later he sacrifices his love for just a smile on his parents face.
He sacrifices his love for his wife and children by working late nights.
He builds their future by taking loans from banks and then repaying them for the life time.
Thus he sacrifices full youth for his wife and children without any complain.
Believe me he struggles a lot but still has to hear the music (scolding) of Mother, wife and his boss.
Yet every mother, wife and boss tries to have control over him.
Finally his life ends up by compromising for others happiness.
He is that creature of God who no one can compete with.
Respect every boy in your life.
You will never know what he has sacrificed for you.
Just extend your hand when he needs it and you shall receive twice fold love from him.
Boys also have emotions

Love You

I need you
in times of pain,
of fear and stress;
even to smile in my happiness too. I need you
to share my joys,
to share my tears too,
with you.
I need you
to hold on
and be strong,
when things are going wrong.
I need you
to keep the faith and trust
and remind what I'm!
I need you
only for two times
Now & Always ♥

26 April 2012


1-You are ok
You are as you are, with all your limits, with all your faults, the good and the bad. You have the right to exist and be happy.

2-Your life is no accident
Your life has a meaning: it might be humble, it might be great, it might be rational, or it might be totally weird! No needs to explain it: it just makes sense.

3-You can choose the life you want
You can enjoy what you have and change what you don’t like.

4-Your past is ok
There are things your are proud of, and maybe others you wish you hadn’t done. There are periods in which life has treated you well, and others in which you felt so very unlucky. All is all part of your story, all is part of who you are.

5-Your present is interesting
This crazy thing called life is so damned interesting!

6-Your future is bright
Things will turn out well. If anything bad happens, you will cope with it and you will find a way to learn from experience.

7-You are loved
Loneliness is just a state of mind: if you close your eyes, love is all around you!

Am I a super happy person? Well, I’m getting there, but I am still having challenges in focusing on my present: the future always seems more interesting! I am also in the process of accepting my limits: a tiny part of me still wishes I could be perfect!


You must learn that you cannot be loved by all people.
You can be the finest apple in the world – ripe, juicy, sweet, and succulent – and offer yourself to all,
but there will be people who do not like apples.
If you are the world’s finest apple, and someone you love does not like apples, you still have the choice of becoming a banana, but be warned: if you choose to become a banana, you will be a second rate banana.
You must also realize that if you choose to be a second rate banana, there will be people who do not like bananas, so you can spend your life trying to be the best banana – which is impossible if you are an apple
or you can

seek again to be the finest apple.

14 April 2012

Love Them...

Now its time for us to stand on our own feet ,to support ourself and think.The more we learn about their childhoods ,the more we should understand their limitations .No one taught them how to be parents.They were living out the limitations of their own parents .The best we can do is to love them as they are and affirm they love us as we are.Dont use parents as an excuse for the negative parts of your life.Always bless your parents with love and all happiness that is meaningfull !!!!

The kid .

Not finding much of time with so much to do at home . Meanwhile , I took a summer painting class at Chennai for a month. Thought of teachin...