30 May 2016

Mil a blessing !

A mother gives you a life, a mother-in-law gives you her life.

People differ and thoughts too.

For me there are only two possibilities, one is my mother gave me a life , and my mother in law gave her life to me and its me who got to take care of her .
The other way , she has given me her son who is her life and I got to take care of him better than her to keep her life happy .

Life is simple if you know to deal people  !

Love people who need you ! Life is just once and you got to make it peaceful .

Your life is in your hands ! Hold it tight ..

29 May 2016

I named it baby vada !

Paruppu vada is a South Indian snack . I have tried making paruppu vada only once when I was in India . So this morning thought of making some for my husband so that he can munch it while watching tv in the evening  . I dint tell him that I have made it . Once he comes from office I  would say there is a surprise ! The first thing he will do would be opening the fridge, because normally I make so many sweets for him :) 

This is how you make ..

Ingredients to be soaked 

-One glass of Bengal gram 

-Half glass of Red lentils 

-6 dried red chillies 

-4 green chillies 

-Little curry leaves for taste 

Soak all the above overnight in the same vessel . 

Next day , put it in the mixi jar and grind it to a paste . Before that add required salt and a pinch of Asafoetida. 

Keep some oil to heat , and then make small balls with the paste and fry it in the oil . 

You can eat this vada with chili/ tomato ketchup. I guess everybody would have the ketchup your fridge . Or else it goes well with onion , tomato, coconut , mint chutney as well . 

So depends on what you want ! Ketchup or chutney ..

So this is how the vada looked  !!! I named it baby vada .I am planning to taste it with chilli /tomato ketchup and green chilli sauce . 

28 May 2016


So today evening I played  basketball . If my memories are correct I played with my school friends long time ago ! Probably during PT period. While few were playing shuttle I spent some time with the basketball . Though I don't know much about it , I knew to grow taller it helps a lot . Not sure whether I will grow tall at the age of 27 :) !! ! Probably I should let my kids play so that at least they grow taller !
I have read that the tallest in the NBA history was Margo dydek who was 7 ft  2 inc and currently it's Sim Bhullar who is 7 ft 5 inc . The shortest ever to play was Muggsy_Bogues who was 5 ft 3 inc .

I am exactly 5 ft , shorter in the history ever isn't it ?  ...Lol :)))Not bad ??

27 May 2016


There is something about losing your mother that is permanent and inexpressible ,
A wound  that will never quite heal.
You are evidence of your mother's strength,
Especially if you are a rebellious knucklehead and regardless she has always maintained her sanity.
Behind all your stories is always your mother's story.
Because hers is where yours begin !!!

26 May 2016

Cartoons !

I don't waste my time watching tv . I watch tv probably in the evening while having a cup of coffee . Some days it's really boring that I switch on the tv early in the morning . I watch few handpicked songs and few programs on travel.
Today ,the whole day I saw Disney channel and I loved watching it . I saw few series like Jessie , dog with a blog , miraculous, violetta and few cartoons. Dog with a blog ! Interesting name isn't it ? Was funny . In between I tried watching animal planet but then couldn't . I really wanted to see Disney !
The small little cute girl in me is wandering today !!! Loving it ! Wish I was a baby who used to bite strawberries with a single teeth and watch cartoons !

Do you love watching cartoons and remember your childhood days ! Wish we all went back to the good old days at our home . Isn't it ??? 

24 May 2016

Kia loves Sia

Kia and Sia  were two sisters who lived in a small village in a brick house . Kia was 7 years elder than Sia .She loved Sia so much from her younger days  . She remembers going to the hospital when Sia was born . Sia was looking very cute with little hair and a mole in her nose . Kia used to take care of her when their mummy does work at home .
One fine day their mum and dad passed away and Sia and Kia was left alone . Kia tried to leave her sister in their relatives house and go for studies . She did that and one day she noticed Sia picking cigarettes and cleaning their house . Kia couldn't resist and took Sia away from there and she moved her to an other uncles house . There too Sia went through so many problems and moved back to  another place . All these time Kia was with Sia . Kia did few small jobs for money and studied as well . Kia dint have money even to eat but whatever she had she used it for Sia and her happiness .
Sia was in her uncles house doing her high school . Kia had to go for work because she has to do everything for Sia . Kia had to take care of herself as well as Sia because Kia knew that nobody would help them .
But , slowly Sia stopped talking to Kia . Only if Kia calls she talks and she answers for the questions asked . Sia never enquired how Kia was . Kia felt vary bad , she thought alright she is only in her 20s and she is still a kid so she doesn't know the world . Kia never knew the reason behind . Is that hate ? If so why ? Did anyone tell bad about Kia to her ? Or Sia thinks Kia dint do anything for her ? Nobody knows .
In between of all these Kia still does everything for Sia and she is waiting for the day or Sia to realize that she will only have her sister and nobody else . Kia never expected her sister would end up like this . But whatever hope Kia keeps doing good and one day she will find her cute lovely sister .
Kia is always filled with old memories and wants her sister back .
Kia feels bad when Sia talks well to all but not to her .

Kia decided not to talk much or try to tell her what all happened and how much she loves her . Kia feels let's stop talking and keep doing whatever she needs . Let she talk when she feels to talk to Kia . Kia ended up thinking the more she talks to Sia the more Sia goes far away ...
To be continued ....

What do u all think ?

Was Kia correct ? What is she supposed to do ?

23 May 2016

Go away !

There is a  single housefly
It tortures me ,
It disturbs me ,
While sleeping,
When I play chain reaction ,
When I play subway surf ,
While watching tv ,
While having coffee
It  keeps singing  !
And I feel to kill it.
I feel to cut its tongue
So that it doesn't sing la la ..
One day ,remember
I will kill you .
And you can never
Get into my house

Before I kill you
Run away !

22 May 2016

To you !

                    Roses are red 
My blog is red 
                   To all my followers 
I love you ! 

21 May 2016

1:43 am

Though the mirror tells me that I look ugly at times !
I always have someone who tells me I am beautiful :)

20 May 2016

Remember !

I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now in my life
There have been days when I dint have a pair of good shoes ,
A set of good dresses,
A plate full off rice ,
A purse with few coins ,
And what not !
But today ,
I have a life abroad ,
I have a little money,
I go and buy rice ,
I have 8 pair of shoes
And many good dresses.
I have four wallets
I have a blessed life
And I am happy with it
The only good I can do with all these is helping others who don't have these !
I guess one day they will also have what I have today !

If I can't even do this then what is the use and meaning of all the hardships I went through!

Never forget your past ! The day you forget your past you are no more alive ! 


Lipsticks I love them . I don't use much of cosmetics, I love being with a clear face but yes lipsticks I use them when I am out .
I see many of my friends wearing the red lipstick and I don't know why I have never felt to wear a red one . Like the pink I hate red as well . I don't have anything in red and pink .
I love brown and orange shades . When I was in college it was normal but these days people ask me every girl loves red and pink why don't you ? It's just that I don't !

Most of them tell me you are the only girl we have met who doesn't like red and pink ! I feel like don't paint me red please !! Who else doesn't like pink and red ? Post in your views !

18 May 2016

Peace be with you !

Thought of writing something about me ! How I changed myself ! I am a short tempered girl . I started living alone from the age of 14 . You got to ask my friends how many oranges have become juices , how many mobiles I have broken , how many times I have cried and how many days I have starved . I lost my parents when I was very young . I was left alone with a 10 year old brother and 4 year old sister . So you know how I would have been !
The extra care and fear of loosing people in life ! I always made sure that whether I have or not I get everything done for my dear ones .
I only had friends with me , only friends .They have loved me even when I was not lovable .
People wanted me only for money ! I still paid so much though I dint have even for my room rent and food .

But today , I am married to the man of patience , my brother has a job abroad and my sister is still studying .

The one thing I changed is myself ! I realized that people love seeing me angry and talking about me . I stopped talking to them . I started avoiding their what's app messaging . I don't have them in my Facebook friends list . I don't go to their houses . I don't let them know what I do because I never want to know what happens in their life . I switch off my phone and sleep at night . I just ignore them .

I must say that more you stop talking to a person the more in peace you are . The more you keep calm the more healthier you are .

The worst part in me is I can never forgive someone who hurts me . I feel myself bad about it but my friends say that's something they love in me .

So for now , I eat , do my work , I sleep . Many don't even know where am I and what I do . I am happy with this life and I don't want many to stand for me . Even if it's one person who stands with love I am happy with it .

Be calm and stay happy , your anger kills you and entertains others ! The world is like that .
Before people avoid you , you got to do it and that's what I did .

The more you maintain your limits you live your life happy .

Live a life and show them !

P.S - Still if people say they hate you and look for what's happening in your life - they are your 'biggest fan' ! Thank them . Lol !!

14 May 2016

Red pepper

Ingredients used .
Season everything with love ! 

Kitchen is always the heart of a home . Keep the kitchen clean with full of love ! 

So this is something I prepared  this afternoon. My own recipe . A red pepper rice with some curd salad on a Saturday afternoon . 

Post in your views .

On table 🍽

Pink flower

Little flower cold and wet,
No flower wants to be at home .
When it is raining outside !
The flower doesn't dream of the bee,
It blossoms and the bee comes .
Your mind is a garden and
Your thoughts are the seeds!

11 May 2016

Second blog !

Hello Everybody,

Hope you all are doing great ! I have an other blog of  mine which is deficated only for travel, culture, food , &fashion . Do support this blog as well as you do .

Blog : http://inthebothv.blogspot.ae/?m=0


9 May 2016


It's been a while since I wrote here . I was on vacation to one of the beautiful place 'Georgia'. So my vacation started with an orange trolley full of jeans , shoes , socks shirts and a sweater , few moisturizers as well because it's cold over there . Once we boarded the flight from Dubai we had the feeling of traveling in a local bus back in India . Most of them were tourists . The flight took off with claps and whistles . We had few open the bottles and few playing cards . We landed at Tbilisi and it was freaking cold . It was late night so we directly went to the citrus hotel and slept off . Next day morning we had the bus at 10 , the guide Tornike was so cute with blue eyes and we had an old driver as well . When I asked Tornike are you not feeling cold he said 'sometimes ' I am a Georgian . We had breakfast and moved to the old Tbilisi and meydan. We got to see a beautiful church over there and few guys were singing with their guitars . Had some lovely time with them . Took some beautiful pics and moved to the glass bridges of peace , Saint trinity church . I loved the glass bridge . Could capture many beautiful pictures . We dint buy anything there . We moved to Rustaveli avenue , turtle lake and the Liberty square . The turtle lake was awesome . I bought some key chains there and saw many on boating . We managed to get in a hotel and have some food . I saw the solar clock and took few pics. Mount Mtatsminda was the best . I saw beautiful waterfalls and some bridges . Bought few fresh salads and Cappuccino . I bought a clock , and few caps from there . I loved all the churches in Georgia .We went for a walk at night to liberty square but most of the shops were closed as it was Easter week .
The next day was a day full of travel .We left for a drive to the Georgian military highway , Khevi province,the heart of the country , known for its severe nature and architectural monuments . We visited the Ananuri architectural complex as well . I couldn't take my eyes off . Here I bought few antique mirrors , few chains , a bell and few magnets to stick at my home . I loved the Georgian magnets .Arrive in Kazbegi – a small town with the views of Mt. Kazbek - the seventh highest peak in the Caucasus Mountains. Hike up to Gergeti Tsminda Sameba Church XIV c. Drive further ahead to Gudauri, enjoy scenic beauty  and snow ski resort .This place is unforgettable . Each had to pay 20 Lary to go up the mountain in a car . Those roads were almost wet and muddy . It was so freaking cold that my nose turned red and I was frozen . I had to buy some gloves and I got it for 10 Lary . A black pair of gloves .We took some beautiful pictures there and returned back to Tbilisi and proceeded for dinner in an Indian restaurant.We should be thankful because the restaurant was kept open for us . I blessed them after having dinner . I had some roti with dhal and some rice . On the third day we went for some shopping after vacating the room 803 and left for shopping . I bought  few dolls, bags, ornaments and a shades as well .
Returned back Dubai with few bottle of Georgian wines and lots of memories  😍
That was an awesome trip ! 

The kid .

Not finding much of time with so much to do at home . Meanwhile , I took a summer painting class at Chennai for a month. Thought of teachin...