20 April 2016

Call them !

Call your mum and talk to her everyday 
Call your mother in laws and talk to her everyday . 
There is nothing more that you can give them 
That's the least you can do for them 
You might be in a different country in a different lifestyle 
But for them you are their everything 
End of the day nothing else matters 
You are not going to take away anything 
Atleast leave some good memories !!

17 April 2016

A wedding wish !

In the journey of my life till now you have been in it . I still remember meeting you , the yellow shirt guy in the lift ! I never knew that we will make such good friends . There are many who came in between and many who left but you are such a sweetheart . You are the only one to whom I send my selfies , to whom I talk everything possible under the sun and you will always be that dumbest friend of mine . The only two people chatting for no use is me and you . Though we don't get to see each other or talk in Skype you will always remain the same to me ! It's been years since we met . Hopefully when I come india next time we shall meet with lots to talk ! You are the best that ever happened to me ! 
I can't think of a life without a friend like you ! 

Love  you !

12 April 2016

How will I ??

I have never been to a job fair because once i completed my college I got a job in a week time. So I dint have to roam for a job.From then it's like I have cleared all the interviews till date . I was just thinking for the people who gave up interviews and they wanted to know the update via e mail . What would they do ? How would they ask ? It's very difficult to approach actually . That would be the toughest e mail ever . That fear whether you will loose something because of that email always hits your head until you press the send button .
Though I have never had that situation , if I had one this is how I would write an email . How ???? I am confused now !!

Post in your experiences if you had any .

10 April 2016


A man in his late 40s was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching his wife, who was looking at herself in the mirror.

Since her birthday was not far off he asked her what she'd like to have for her birthday.

'I'd like to be 26 again', she replied, still looking in the mirror ..

On her birthday morning, he rose early, made her a nice big cup of coffee & then took her to Adventure World theme park on a bike.

What a day!

He put her on every ride in the park; the Death Slide, the Wall of Fear, the Screaming Roller Coaster, everything....

5 hours later they staggered out of the theme park. Her head was reeling & her stomach felt upside down.

He then took her to the most exotic restaurant where they ate and danced like never before. Then it was off to a movie, popcorn, a soda, & her favorite chocolate. What a fabulous adventure!

Finally she wobbled home with her husband & collapsed into d sofa exhausted.

He looked at his wife with a big smile & lovingly asked, "Well Dear, what was it like being 26 again?"

Her eyes slowly opened & her expression suddenly changed.

'I meant my waist size, u idiot !!!" 

6 April 2016

Discover you

Stay open minded in your approach to life . It will open so many doors .Stop bleaching your hair, straightening it,and going to the gym . Leave the ideas the society has fed you .Instead be yourself and try stretching and running . Stop worrying too much about what other people think about you . Take every new chance as an adventure , it will teach you so much about yourself .Learn to listen to your gut.Never have an internal battle between your heart and head . Both are different . Everything has its time and place , it's when you follow your gut you find the inner strength within you which you dint know before .
Life is full of twists and turns , never take it too seriously . Enjoy it and definitely down the line you will laugh about it !
Discover yourself soon ! 

Changes !

A life in Dubai is something that many wants  . At least many people who I know . Few of my friends I would say . I was fortunate enough to be here but there are many who have a good life and still regret .
These days that I dint write I was busy doing few things at home. In between of these I had few who called me asking why don't you write ? Few called me for asking what are you doing ?
So this 'what are you doing 'is a serious question ? Many of my friends at Dubai don't have a job . They send their husbands for work and sit at home without knowing what to do and they call me asking Shilpa how do you time pass and this is so boring ! !
What can I answer? .I always feel there is nothing called as boredom ,if you know to keep yourself busy . If you sit and think too much about everything  life ends up boring ... Somethings are to be taken as it comes !
Cross the bridge !
Stay happy with the life you have !
Everything will change or else change it the way you want ! 

The kid .

Not finding much of time with so much to do at home . Meanwhile , I took a summer painting class at Chennai for a month. Thought of teachin...