30 December 2011

Sorry Rewind 2011 Please

Fast and Furious Cyclone Hit chennai

I daily have the habit of reading news once i reach office-The headlines mentioned-Cyclone in chennai-i immediatetly had live weather open in my system.I started work but then it was in a state that we had to leave the workplace before 3 pm as after 3 cabs wont be provided.Few had to stay back but then i somehow managed to escape.Myself and my friend rushed to get the cab but then we could not get one as there was no cab to our area .
Here we go myself and my friend walked all way long to the bus stop -she told me that we can travel in electric train but then i am so afraid of trains hence i told her that we will go in bus .we were full wet and got into the bus -we never got a seat as well..we got down from the bus but there to pay for taxi we did not have money-we had to go in search of atm for a long time and last managed to take some money -somehow we reached home-
As soon as i reached home i had my room mates -we directly left to terrace and played good music and started to dance in the rain-i got cold and cough but still danced in the rain for 3 hours until it became dark.
By that time -was hell hungry but then we could not go out as it was heavily raining with wind and thunders we had floods and trees fallen down but still myself and few of my friends folded the jeans and walked to a coffee shop.That was a wonderfull moment to have a hot cup of coffee with few gossips...
we returned back by that time parents started calling from home stating to somehow travel 8 hours and come home as they were worried..I really wanted to go home but then could not .I did not have enough guts to travel alone or i could not call any of friends to drop me as their state was much pathetic than mine.I decided that i will start home on 30th Morning but then it was on this day that the cyclone crossed chennai -the whole city was dark-parents called again and told not to leave home as they were worried whether i will get stuck somewhere in middle -
Hence we all friends locked all the doors and windows -got settled @ home and started praying that the cyclone should end and we should get back home for the wonderfull 2012 !!!

With Hope's
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23 December 2011

Thanks 2011

Hai All,

I am so happy that i have few wonderfull people around me who read my blog..
Thanks for all...
Have a great Year Ahead..
Keep reading -and Welcome 2012 the year of happiness...

18 December 2011

We call them SISTERS but they have done more than MOTHERS !

-AMRI Fire accident -

Nurses never get well paid in  India. This is a profession that is looked down always .Other than the poor families in Kerala and some other parts of the country, nobody will send their educated daughters into this profession.They think that if the family is not financially good they can send their daughter/son for nursing so that they can bring up their family somehow.They never realize the value and great service which a nurse does.They get paid less for the great work which they do. The IT professionals  get paid good salaries compared to others profession's in India. The nurses get shouted at by the doctors and the patients' relatives but still they stay patient enough and save us . Yet  two of them are being recognized by this incident for their selfless service who belong to the gods own country.
I wish hereafter Nurse's should not be looked down .Please realize that they are more than mothers for this world....
These two people are a symbol of highest values of young India .
None can pay off for their Commitment and Self Sacrifice !!!

The kid .

Not finding much of time with so much to do at home . Meanwhile , I took a summer painting class at Chennai for a month. Thought of teachin...