13 May 2018


Today being the mothers day and as it's been some time since i wrote a blog thought of writing few things that I know in my life.

Firstly I don't believe in posting a picture of my mother on Facebook because she is there within and I need not do it because everybody does it .

Whatever I do I think of my mother and 're think if she was alive what she would have done and then continue .

To my mother whom I lost when I was 14 , you are so badly missed by us .
We could never find you in any other person After your death you know that I dint cry and I don't know why .
But , many times I immensely feel sad that you are no more .
There are days when I wanted you with me There are days when I wanted to see you and touch but I know I can't.
Though I have seen your characters in different people in different situations as a whole you can never be replaced .
Though I don't cry or talk about you to others in a corner of my heart I get hurt because of others in someway and think how beautiful it would have been if you were there .
People can say she is like your mother but there is so much difference between like and your.
Let all the mothers stay long life and the world be happy .
A daughter needs her mother all the time .

Sometimes I wish I had the internet connection to heaven .

Love you Amma ♡

23 March 2018

Ro man ce

A life with someone who doesn't look or talk romantic ,
A life with someone who finds beauty in small things I do or we do ,
A person who says love is not about gifts , it's about love .
  • I think this is the most romantic thing ever ♡

10 February 2018

30 at Dubai

I would say, life starts at 30 ♡

Here are few of the pictures of my 30th birthday which I celebrated on Feb 9 ☆ with Naveen and our 8 month old Tungli .What more could I ask for.

31 January 2018

Doodle and paint

Myself having tungli at home these are the paintings I do. She loves looking at all my art works so i love doing what she likes .

28 January 2018

The peace owl

An owl is not a bad luck .Everything depends on how you see.
This is the peace owl at my home.

How is it ? Tungli loves this painting .She smiles at the owl.

24 January 2018

Fast painting

Wishing you all a great year ahead!

The first post of 2018 comes here.

Done on tungli dry mat (watercolour)

Done on a cardboard box which was at home ( poster paint)

25 December 2017

What’s your question ?

Writing after a long time. These days have been so busy taking care of tungli . 

I had this viral message on my what’s app saying - ask me any question before 2017 ends and I shall honestly reply to it . I am not a person sending forward messages but this one was a good one . 

I sent it to all my contacts via what’s app and I was left only with one question which was - WHY don’t you post your pictures in Facebook or what’s app ? WHY no status updates from you ? 

It’s been years since we saw you and don’t know what’s happening with your life . 

My answer was I am like you all . I do take pictures in my
phones ,camera and I do go out and enjoy like everybody . It’s just that I don’t let know where I go, what I buy, what I do , what I eat what so ever . 

In one way I was shocked with people’s response and in an other way was happy that I don’t let know the world what I do . I think I don’t like letting  people know everything and additional to it people who want to see me would meet me and have some good time . 

Life is beautiful and personal at times .

I believe in eating the food when it’s hot and not taking pictures of it and waste the good time . Like vice in everything I do . 

What do you think about this ? 

What’s your question to me before 2017 ends ? 


Today being the mothers day and as it's been some time since i wrote a blog thought of writing few things that I know in my life. Fir...