How many of you think big houses doesn’t have a life in it . I strongly believe in this . I have been in big houses as well as small houses .  After my wedding I moved to my husband house which is only 700 sq feet . But that house has real life . Our house is very small infact the smallest in the family . But most of the people come to our house only . To be honest we don’t even have space to accommodate a couple if they come home but still we give them the  main room and we sleep in the hall . We have a small little balcony with nearly 35 plants . A small Pooja room and a kitchen . This house was bought by my father in law nearly 30 years ago .  Another example is Dhanalakshmi stores at trichy . This was my grandpa then uncle ( Peripa )  house where we used to go for vacation. I think he was paying 600 rupees rent per month . It has one room and a kitchen that’s all . Toilets were public but neat . We sleep in the terrace looking at the sky . Let me tell you that simple happiness sti

These girls

 Hi !  How many of you believe that every family and their rituals are different . I have been married since last 11 years . When I got married I never knew to wear a saree , to cook or any such things , but I knew I must learn all these because I was brought up that way . If there is anything new I always learn . When I get it done and people say wow you did a good job I feel great . That feeling is priceless . Now , I am not doing for the appreciation alone . I like to learn and do things and the end results will always be great . Not only with regards to a married life . I was always like that in my younger days . I am still a student and i get fascinated and exited about most of the things around me .  Many at times it has been a great plus because my friends call me when they get upset . This mindset has helped in most of the difficult times in life . People say that I have so much of will power , creativity , looking forward to life and so many but I am also an extremely short te

Vishu 2022

Hi !! Happy Vishu / Tamil puthandu vaazhthukkal to all ;)  Vishu has always been a sweet memory in my mind . Those days my mother used to keep a simple small vishu Kani with the vegetables and fruits taken from our backyard . We get tomatoes , bananas , ashgourd , pumpkin , coconut and cucumber from our backyard . Sometimes we get snake gourd if we are lucky .Konna Poo ( yellow flower ) need not say we just pluck it from the trees . My mother used to arrange the Kani and close my eyes and show the Kani in the morning nearly by 3 am to 4 am time . After that dad gives 101 rupees as kaineetam. At that time it was a big thing . Then we all take bath wear new clothes and go to the Krishna temple to see Kani there . Then a small vishu Sadhya at home . Neighbors call us and give kaineetam . A day collection would be 300 to 400 rupees . We save it and buy some Coloring or school items . These are the memories I have .  Today I arranged a vishu Kani at my home with some art work of Tungli . He

Life of Art ?

 Hello !  Advance Vishu & Tamil Puthandu wishes to all :)  I think any kind of art is under estimated or under rated today . I will tell you why I thought of writing this . As you all know I am  an artist myself .  People think a million times  to pay fee for quality art classes . They need less fee and great quality art .  Let’s come to Bharatanatyam . I would say this is not an easy deal . Let it be from class fee , stage shows whatever may be it’s so much of effort ,people , practice and talent there .  Let’s talk about vocals . You can’t learn the basics from YouTube or any cinema .  Like wise take any art .  I am someone who believes art as the greatest blessing .  Anybody can go for work but not everyone can bring or be connected to art . It’s like lord Brahma directly sending you with his blessings .  Never bargain to a teacher .  Now , let me tell you there were days when art was taught for free or for less fee . I studied vocals by paying 20 rupee fee per month. Today you

Are you a minimalist?

  Hello ! How are you all doing ? I am happy to know many people from my previous post . Thank you .  Today I just thought of writing about living with needed items . What is your view on minimalism ? Everywhere it’s minimalist videos and related videos .  Are you a minimalist ? Have you heard about this concept in younger days ? How was life then ?  If you are a minimalist how did you start the journey ? 


Hello People ! How are you all . I hope you are getting better as each day pass by . Today I am posting here to know about the country that you live in and what are the best parts of living there . I was just curious to know how people in another lead their life and what can I learn from each one .  I know that there are many people who read blogs and enjoy writing . If you are one among them do let me know . I think it would be interesting to read and know how life is in another place .  Much love and take care 

Chit chat about Republic Day with Tungli

Happy Republic Day to all !  Today I thought of sharing my memories of Republic Day when I was a child and what I tell to Tungli . Republic Day is always a happy day for us because we know that we don’t have classes and can go to see and get the chocolates after flag hoisting . I remember the parade in dd channel going on and meantime all the work at home also will be going on . I was a little sad on not wearing colour dress and going to school for flag hoisting but later I understood why it was always uniform . I used to walk to my school through the highway those days . Now the scene is not like this . Counting how many chocolates each got is an other fun time .  Today due to covid and as the schools are closed Tungli doesn’t have a chance to experience this type of a Republic Day.  Today morning I taught her vande mataram  song, Jana gana mana and how we used to go to school . I asked her the flag colours and to tell a little bit about india . I am glad that she remembers what I tau