13 May 2020

My favourite vlogs

Thought of sharing few of the interesting vlogs in youtube which I watch .I normally dont subscribe that soon for a channel . But these ones are worth it .


I love this vlog for the clarity of food and everything about the channel basically. Her studio looks amazing with those plants in the background and her ceramics too . She has a soothing cool voice too .


This is basically the swedish country side vlog and I just love it.No words to describe how I wait to see her vlogs . She is one among the luckiest to live in a place like that and she is a living fairy I would say . If you feel low you can directly go to her vlog and there you are happy .


This is also a country side vlog like jonna . I love her simplicity and seeing the red houses . A very calming vlog.

So above are the vlogs I keep looking forward .

Let me know your favourite vlogs or do you also see these vlogs .

10 May 2020

Netflix time

Alright people so basically I am not a netflix person but as Naveen started going to office and I have some time when tungli sleeps I just did some scrolling on netflix and found the series 'Never have i ever '. I liked it .I finished it in 3 to 4 hours .I loved everybody in the series .

It was nice to see the teen age series ,an indian family . My kind of a mother :) that loving dad and Paxton ♡ . I think people who have missed it and need some good crazy feeling must watch this . To be honest this is the first series that I have ever seen in netflix .

What is your favourite series and do let me know if any interesting ones are there . I would love to watch .

Stay safe people.  Let's keep praying .

30 April 2020

Tungli 3rd birthday cake ♡

Hello people . Hope you all are doing well .
So as we all are in lockdown and tungli birthday was on April 28th I decided to make a small cake for her.

It was for the first time ever I tried making a cake . I dont have an oven at home (not required) So I had to make it in the cooker . Many told that we need sand and small stones to make a base .Where will I go for sand and stone.  And I dont think.it safe at this time . After doing some search in YouTube i found that we can use salt as base and make a cake .

I made a small chocolate cake and topped it with some chocolate cream . Thought about adding choco chips but it was not available. Then I thought about making some design with gems but then if i add gems she will eat the gems alone and not the cake .

So here is my small chocolate cake made for tungli .She liked it . Let me know what you feel about the cake ;)

And I am adding a picture of a simple birthday decoration . I will always have banners and balloons in my house so managed with it . Just hanged it below my paintings .

21 April 2020

Life lesson NO.1

Today at the age of 33 someone taught me the greatest lesson in my life .

So far so many people have told me to change my attitude towards dealing few people .I am basically a straight forward person .Sometimes I dont think what the other person thinks of me or what is running in their head or what is their situation and tell it on face.

I have spoken direct on face to many people and I honestly regret about it today . Even after marrying naveen he has tried to get it right but I dint change much . I know naveen past 8 years .All the 8 years he tells me to be patient , and maintain silence .Instead I have always been a bomb and get it done right there .If I have to say I say it . I do know that only a person like naveen can handle this characteristic of mine .

But today when someone whom we knew just questioned me and naveen left and right I thought this is how the x person would have felt when I question them .I felt so bad about putting naveen in this situation too .

Today i learned the biggest lesson in my life that I should not tell right on face and have to think twice or thrice . I whole heartedly agree and will try to change slowly . I think I can

I dont think it's bad to accept my flaws and move on. This quarantine and people have helped me learn and correct many things in life .

Note : I talk on face only when I know that I am right .But today i knew that even if i was right there is a way to handle or talk in a polish way which i should definitely learn .

Thank you and sorry Naveen .

13 April 2020

VISHU 2020 (Dubai)


Let's hope for a better April 14 next year . Stay home stay safe .

This is our small vishu kani at Dubai home.

Sending hopes and love to all ♡

8 April 2020

Somewhere from saved !

Stay open minded in your approach to life . It will open so many doors .Stop bleaching your hair, straightening it,and going to the gym . Leave the ideas the society has fed you .Instead be yourself and try stretching and running . Stop worrying too much about what other people think about you . Take every new chance as an adventure , it will teach you so much about yourself .Learn to listen to your guy. Never have an internal battle between your heart and head . Both are different . Everything has its time and place , it's when you follow your gut you find the inner strength within you which you dint know before .
Life is full of twists and turns , never take it too seriously . Enjoy it and definitely down the line you will laugh about it !
Discover yourself soon !

1 April 2020

Meenakshy kitchen

Hello everybody I hope you all are safe at home . We are in lockdown past 1 month and wishing this gets over soon .

I have started my Instagram cooking page and will be posting as much as I can . Do check it if you have an insta account and support if you like it .

Adding the page screenshot here .

NOTE : My real name is Meenakshy hence this name .

My favourite vlogs

Thought of sharing few of the interesting vlogs in youtube which I watch .I normally dont subscribe that soon for a channel . But these one...