23 August 2021

Onam 2021 🌸

 Hello All ! 

Happy Onam 🌸

Hope you all are doing well . This Onam we celebrated in Chennai with just 3 members at home . Myself and Tungli made pookalam everyday and I am posting some of them here . I hope you will like it . 

28 July 2021

How are you ?

 Hello Everyone! 

How are you all doing ? I hope things are a little better than before for many , if not let’s hope it gets better . Nothing much to write today . I am at home and doing some minimal hobbies and busy with Tungli . 

I hope all find some joy in upcoming months of festivals like Onam , navarathri, deepavali etc . Let’s pray it all goes well and some might get a chance to dress up well or see near and dear ones . Finance ! Yes it’s a problem for most of them but still let’s try to find some small happiness around us . Must be grateful for whatever we have now . 

Ok people let me know in the comments on how you are doing and what’s up with your daily life . 

28 June 2021

My Lockdown Garden

 Hello there ….

During these times I dint use much of Instagram and Facebook instead I did some gardening from the scratch and I am posting some pictures of the plants and flowers here . 

I am really happy looking at them because it’s something that I grew myself with good care . 

Our house is a very small one in Chennai city with a small balcony . I wish to have a larger space soon . For now I have made use of the space that I have beautifully . 

Many of the flowers are waiting for the first bloom . Once it is I shall make another post with the other flowers from the garden 

Let me know how you liked

All these plants are grown in pots as we live in an apartment ad we have minimal space 

30 May 2021

Do you also think the same ?

 Not sure how many you have felt this but I do. 

I am basically a very active person . I sleep very less and my brain is kind of keeps thinking creative . I have a lot of hobbies and I do something or else . This is not because I get bored but I jus can’t sit simply . 

Also, I hate watching tv or listening to radio . I am gardening, crocheting, cleaning house , painting , cooking and so and so ... these days . 

I do some exercises and also have started to love the sky . I take a lot of pictures of the clouds when I go to the terrace . 

I find myself speaking less to people and that’s something I am wantedly doing because I tried so much to get along but I find everyone only finding faults or praising their lifestyles and degrading me . 

And I find many people have turned with advice these days but they are actually happy roaming around and getting their part of work done silently . 

End of the day what I learned is patience ,confidence and hopes are everything. People around are just trying to break it . Have you also felt the same . 

How do you deal your life these days ? how are managing the loneliness or what have you learnt during these times ? 

16 May 2021

The Unknown letters to the unknown

 Hello ! 

As you all know I am used to do journal for a long time and today I thought to write something about it . 

I am planning to change the questions for my journal after a long time and you can find them below . These questions might be useful to get an idea for someone hence posting it here . 

For people who think they want to say something and couldn’t say to anyone or feels as no one hears you there is an idea . Start writing letters to god and keep it with you . Writing helps you a bit relaxed and feel better . Later in life when you take those letters and see you will know that you have come a long way . I had this habit from the age of 12 or 13 and I still have those letters kept safe forever . When I go through it I know that I have been so good to myself and others which brings a proper vision of my life . I know that I have gone wrong at many places but I absolutely take it because that’s what helped me find a better aspect of life . There is nothing great than talking or writing for yourself . Try it and you will know what’s going on with your life .Hopefully you will fix it down the line . 

Writing journal everyday has helped me to keep myself calm and understand what’s going around me and how to deal with it . I normally write it before I go to sleep . And that last topic will be a happy one in the list . Make sure to write all types of topics or questions so that you will get an idea . Do not be scared to write something that should not be on paper . After some days you will realise that you have come far away from that one situation . 

Put yourself first . Yes First . 

This will pass and you will forgive and forget . 

  1. Did you spend enough time with Tungli?
  2. Which area of the house did you clean today ? 
  3. Did you eat a fruit ?
  4. Did you have good conversation with Naveen ? 
  5. Did you ask how are you to anyone you know ? 
  6. What did you see from the balcony or terrace today ? 
  7. Did you do anything creative or that makes you happy ? 
  8. What you dint like today and why did you react like that ? 
  9. Did you pray or stay in peace for few minutes atleast ? 
  10. Did you think what all to do once the universe gets better ? If yes , what are the plans ? 
  11. Did you save a rupee ?
  12. Do you think the plants are healthy ? 
  13. Was it a good day ? Rate yourself on how you feel ? 
These are the only questions I could write right now because currently the situation is myself & home . 

Let me know your questions or anything about your journals. I would love to know how people deal with it . 

8 May 2021

The Auto ride

Here I am writing in hope that we all survive this second wave of Covid in India . Please stay home and tidy . Today if I am doing anything or if I have little in life it’s a luxury . This is what I feel ! Be happy and grateful for each and every second of your life . 

Today I had to go to the medical shop to buy some gloves and masks . I went in an auto and I think that was a good thing . This auto driver started by saying they have stopped the autos and I don’t know what to do . My auto is in loan and if you hear my life story you will get down and walk away . I told him that’s ok you can say and the story goes like this . His wife has cancer and she is blind . He has 2 daughters at home . He has not paid 3 months of his house rent and he said as he doesn’t have money to buy kanji powder he buys 10 rupee packet everyday and gives to his wife . He eats some rice water with pickle with his children . His eyes was full of tears . He said he got 600 rupees per day before lockdown but now doesn’t know what to do . He said if my wife dies I don’t even have money to do the rest of the rituals. 

Why did I listen to his story ? 
Because I know how it is like to keep so much within and no one to say what you feel like . 

After I got down from the auto he asked for the right charge amount . Not greedy at all . 

I had only 1000 rupees left in my purse and I gave it to him . He asked why madam and he couldn’t talk because of the sadness in throat and happiness in the eyes . 

Now , I am not posting this here for any appreciation. I am telling you that you are blessed to be where you are and always be thankful . 

Might be because of the good deeds my parents did I am atleast in this condition today . I am happy that I did the least I could for him . Atleast for today he will have a good day . This is  all that I could do because like all others I also have my own difficulties. I honestly wish I had a lot of money to help many more . 

When you see someone needs help in front of your eyes please do it without expectations . It will come back one day on the right time . 

Stay safe and this too shall pass . 

30 April 2021

Few paintings from me and Tungli

 Hello ! 

As it’s lockdown in India and to be active myself and Tungli did some paintings together . Here are they . Let me know which one you liked the most . 

Onam 2021 🌸

 Hello All !  Happy Onam 🌸 Hope you all are doing well . This Onam we celebrated in Chennai with just 3 members at home . Myself and Tungli...