28 September 2016

Idols 2016

So before the Navarathri starts day after tomorrow thought of posting the new idols I bought for this year . Once the steps are set with decorations I will be posting a blog in detail .

Whenever I buy these idols I think my grandchildren's will say one day these are all the old idols which my grandma collected from India  ! Though I don't know where they will live or where i will be , I believe they will cherish all these !

I know I am thinking too much but still happens :) At times you should think too much and feel happy !

Arupadai veedu 




Murugan with valli deivanai 


Balambigai and krishna 

Samayapuram Mariyamman

25 September 2016

Adyantha prabhu!

Navarathri or Dasara is one of the most celebrated festival in India . It's a time of enjoyment . I love being in India during this time . I love decorating and inviting people home . The best part is everyday is like a red carpet !

This time I went to buy some idols and happened to see this one . Half ganapathy and half hanuman . I asked the shop guy , what idol is this ? He said its "Adhyantha prabhu".

I decided to do a google search and know what is it all about . Posting what I read for you all .

What begins has to end. This is nature. If there is one thing that has no beginning or end it is Almighty. If there is one thing that is beginning and/or end in its self it is Aadhyanta Prabhu Almighty. That is why we pray to Almighty by invoking His name thus: adi, aanadi, antham, anantham, anthadi. Whenever we begin anything we offer our prayers to Vignesh, the deity who protects from all hindrances, hence Vignesh. When the things are achieved ie., Jayam we thank the deity Hanuman and conclude. This is observed in all our endeavors, even in offering daily prayer rule is no exception. There was an intuition on a fine day that in this temple both these two peerless deities (Vignesh and Hanuman) are seen as one like that of Sri Ardhanareeswara an amalgam of Siva and Sakthi, and Sri Shankaranarayanar an amalgam of Siva and Narayana.

The very conception of the fusion of Vinayaka and Anjaneya forms in one icon has a great esoteric significance . It is fortified by the truth of the oft-quoted adage -.begin with Piliayar and end up with Anjaneya, being dinned at the ears of peoplemore often than not. The unique sight of the amalgamation of two potent and highly worshipful deities, invariably sends such thrills in the spines of the viewers that they raise their hands in veneration unknown to themselves.  Needless to emphasise, that prayers offered to this archamurti fetches double benefits, like two flowers obtained at a single pick.

21 September 2016

Happy tummy !

When it comes to food you just have to eat it ! Either find it or you prepare it . I fall in the second category. If I need something badly I will learn it . So for now , it's a simple dish that I wanted to eat in the evening most of the days . It's been years since I stopped eating masala chats . But the sudden madness for masalas popped in and this is what I ended up with
The yummy yummy bhel puri !
Without knowing how to make it , I bought it from a shop for 4 days but I knew I can't do it everyday.

So I decided to do it myself . This recipe was told over the call by Naveen and I made it . I wish I make a huge bowl of bhel puri for him everyday ;)

The easiest way goes here !

-Put some puffed rice in a vessel.

-Cut some onions and tomatoes to add

-Sprinkle some water ! Don't overdo !

-Add salt, chilli powder, coriander powder and mix .

-For flavors add some coriander leaves and stir the mixture .

Note- curd and  sev are optional! 

Keep your tummy happy and add some meaning to life !!

As always I prepare yummy food for that extra kiss ;)

19 September 2016

My childhood paintings

So today while cleaning my house , this is what I found . I found my school scrap book, my coin collection and the paintings . I remember my parents filing whatever I draw or paint . I wish I definitely do the same when my kids draw. What a beautiful memory it is !

Posting few drawings of mine . I am absolutely feeling happy looking at these . Did you like it ? Which one did you like the most ?

18 September 2016

Our onam

Trying my best to keep it short .

Onam for me is a festival of flowers , food and new dress . I remember drawing the designs for my class on the floor . Only designing was my job the rest my friends would do . Most of the times we have won . Roaming on the backyard for flowers and those small floral designs I make with my brother and sister .Those were the days , childhood .

After growing up its like preparing good food with all the love and eating . Do not wonder, I don't have a traditional Kerela saree . I don't like it .

My favorite part of onam is floral designs and the must be menu , Aviyal ( mouth watering )!!!

Posting few pictures of our onam celebration!

Any festival can be celebrated by anyone . Everyday is a celebration !

Always celebrate with the little you have , life would be happy !!

17 September 2016

White food

So this morning , I woke up early and was so hungry. Tried having an orange but still wanted to eat something soon . Could feel trains inside stomach . Early in the morning no shops are open .

So this is what I did .

Ingredients required
Split Bengal gram
Mustard seeds
Green chilli
Red dry chilli
Curry leaves
Semolina(white/ brown)

1. Add oil in the pan , add the mustard seeds, ginger, red and green chilli,curry leaves and Bengal gram .
2. Fry it till golden.
3. Pour some water according to the semolina to add .
4. Let the water boil .
5. Add salt and semolina ,keep stirring.

Note : You have to continue stirring until it becomes solid . If you don't keep stirring it forms lumps which will spoil the dish .

Once it's cool . Make it to small ball shapes or triangle , square whatever and steam it in a vessel.

Coconut chutney should go well with it !

I am hungry now !

Try and post in your ideas  . Also let know if you do it in a different way or add extra ingredients.

I am sure that each person prepares in different ways !

15 September 2016

Ayo Mahalayam

Every year I hear this word 'Mahalayam ' . Now , what is this ?First thing that hits my head is no onion and garlic for 15 days . How is that possible ? I love eating and doing something without garlic , onion and coriander is impossible . But , there are so many who ask can't we , just for 15 days . Actually no !

The situations matters a lot, where you live, what time you eat, do you depend on hotels or cook ,are you in a hurry . You can't say oh it's Mahalayam I won't eat onion and garlic !!! They would be like , that's at your home not here babe .

There are many things that I can't follow but this year as it's possible , I mean the situations are favoring  me I am thinking on following the ritual .

What I think ? My mom and dad will never tell me don't eat this, don't eat that . Did god tell you ? No .

But when it comes to rituals it's better not to dig on it too much . Follow if you can or else don't . Simple .

Thought of a sharing the story behind those 15 days .

The renowned hero of the Mahabharata, Karna, when he left the mortal coil, ascended to the higher worlds and the great charity he had done here was returned to him hundredfold. But, it was all gold and silver; there was no food, as he had not done any food-charity! He prayed to the god of death. So, he was sent back to earth for fourteen days, to make up for this deficiency.

For fourteen days, he fed Brahmins and the poor, and offered oblations of water. On his return to the higher regions, he had food in plenty. It is these fourteen days that are commemorated in the Mahalaya Paksha. Due to the grace of the god of death, it has been ordained that offerings made during this period benefit all the departed souls, whether they are connected to you or not.

Blessings !

I love Karnan ! I agree with him . Offerings are far better than living without onion and garlics:)

P.S - Believes differ for every human !

If I believe i do it properly or else I don't .


14 September 2016

9 September 2016


Life is like a parachute .
You see many people flying in parachutes .
You will think why don't I fly ?
Yes you can .
But before flying
You have to climb the mountain,
Stand on the cliff .
You will feel that you are gona fall
But , you won't .
You got to get the parachute
And open it !

But ,

Do you think the parachute will open and it will be a safe landing ? No it won't.

You have to shed tears, go through pain, tension , fear, doubts, hurt what not ?

But eventually the parachute will open after going through all these . You will fly and land safe .

The point is are you climbing the mountain and standing on the cliff ? ? 

Next, you should have the guts to jump .

Nothing worth having comes that easy !

The kid .

Not finding much of time with so much to do at home . Meanwhile , I took a summer painting class at Chennai for a month. Thought of teachin...