30 July 2016

Sleep and mind

Feeling like your brain is “full” is totally normal, because it can be full from time to time. Learning new skills or talents takes up physical space in the brain. The brain naturally cleans up the garden each night when we go to sleep. About 60 percent of brain cells shrink up when we sleep, allowing our gardeners to get rid of the stuff we don’t need.

You create your own mind

Once you understand that you can literally force your brain to exist in a certain way, you start to realize that much of the world you see before you is simply the result of how you wish to see it. If you spend most of your time playing video games instead of doing your job, guess which one you’re going to be better at? We might not be able to control every little thing that happens to us, but we can control how it affects us and how we build neural pathways around it.

So, try it for yourself. Try forming positive thought patterns by focusing on the good things about your life and who you are, rather than all of the bad. Use your understanding of your mind to better yourself.

28 July 2016


So there is a pink  rose and the Jasmine buds . I am loving watching the plants grow .
It was a single click and i got a good one !

27 July 2016


Thought of writing about food .
Food is everything , that's why we work hard . We eat and feed our families as well .

At the age of 15 I had to live my life alone . I had to stay out and earn for myself and my siblings .

I started doing small time jobs . You name it and most of them I would have done . I had to stay with the worst of humans . I go for work at nights because I get extra paid . I kind off sleep in the afternoon .

I eat my breakfast at 12 pm, lunch at 6 pm and dinner at 2 am .

 My only food was noodles and carbonated drinks . I can't cook the noodles because I dint have a stove or we were not allowed to cook in the place where we stayed . So cut the noodles packet  , pour some hot water and the powder in it and keep it closed . It would be cooked after some time .

So going through all these ,what did I learn ?

1. I stopped drinking carbonated , I drink only home made fresh juices . I got one of the best juicer .
2. I don't eat junk such as pizza , chat masalas, sandwich , packed chips such as lays, Pringles etc
3. I don't eat chocolates and ice creams . This is because I wanted to keep my insulin levels good .
4. I don't drink Horlicks,boost, viva, complan or any such because it has added sugar .
5. I don't use any of the frozen vegetables, peas, corns etc
6. I don't drink cold water , just because I like normal water

So what do I eat ?

1. I eat all the vegetables , cereal, nuts and fruits .
2. I drink so much of tender coconut in empty stomach
3. I drink coffee/ tea  without sugar , Naveen makes it for me ;)
4. I love eating anything in green
5. I drink fresh juices

You never know the value of food until you don't get it or you get into some health issues . An old saying ' Health is wealth ' .

I believe I will lead my life this way and definitely teach my kids to prepare home made food . I want them to stay healthy and live a long life .

The love for food and life , Naveen got me a house with so much of space . I told him once my wish is watering plants and seeing the garden full when we grow old and we I shall make good food for you .

What's more in life than eating good food !

'Add some love in whatever you cook '

' A man who loves eating will love everything in you '

So eat well , stay healthy !

Teach others how to cook if you get a chance . It will help them at some point of time in their life .

Love food !! God bless

25 July 2016

How much !

I had a skype call with someone you don't know last night .

He was so much into troubles with his family . He has never done anything for himself to my knowledge . He won't even buy new clothes . He buys for others and say you all be happy and that's my happiness . He lost his dad when he was young . He takes care of his mother, wife and educated his brother . His brother dint get a job because of few health issues .He was totally upset, it was his dream and he couldn't study and that's why he educated his brother but that dint go well . So all together he needs only peace and happiness for now in his life .
He is the man of patience I would say .

Last night he had to send some money to his home for all the needs .
When he called me I asked him

How many lakhs you sent !!! ( this was for fun ) 

He was like a bright smile and Shilpa please tell that once again . It's nice to hear .

I told this line nearly 5 times !

He was like I wish this happens in my life for real .

I wish he saves some money for himself and stay in peace !! Wish God doesn't give him more problems .

Look into yours !

I never want them to praise me
Because I know myself
I never what them to appreciate me
I can boost confidence my own
I don't want them to say
I am beautiful
Because , I have  someone to say that  .
I don't want them to advice me
Because ,
I don't give advices to nobody
I hate them starring at me,
I am no different .
I have everything that you have
All that I want
Is shut your mouth
And look into your life
Not mine !

23 July 2016


I never talk about my failures because I don't like talking my past.Only very close ones of mine know about it . But today I thought of writing how I see failures in my life.

What do I do when I  face failure ?

Failure comes in different ways , for some like me it's always failures I meet first , for some its failure at once . So you can't actually talk about the intensity of it .

The first thing I do when I fail is I stand in front of a mirror and cry . I see my eyes turning red and nose getting pink . My eyes get filled with a pool of water that doesn't drop out . I never blink , I just look into the mirror and ask myself did you fail ? Why did you ? Should you fail ? You should not . Get up and think what's next ?

I am thankful for all the failures I saw in my life . I know I am getting stronger every time I cry . Those tears have helped me a lot to succeed or think what can be done next .

Failure is an important factor of life . You must see failures and get to know how it feels . Only you can go through it and nobody else . Nobody can understand you .

Always remember ,

Success is the worst teacher in the world . If you see only success you won't end up well when you see failure

But ,

Failure is the best teacher.

The more you are scared of failure, at least you will try to overcome the difficulties you have . You must get hit by failure in life and always expect it any time  .

I hate so much that you don't see failure in your life ! You can't take it.I always want to see people win .

The fear of failure leads you to success . Have that fear always .

I can never fail at any cost , I always make sure I do my best , not to fail

Failures make you a new person the world will see !

I will always wear that invisible crown ! 

I will never pass on my success to anyone.It's mine ! 

P.S - I have a bigger mirror at my home to see me cry as well as smile :) 

22 July 2016

The best day !

This day can't be more better .

I always believe rather than porking your nose into others life doing good is far better . At least you will have a peaceful life .

Before I start writing let me explain few things so that you understand . I am trying my best to write it simple .

This is a holy month for us .We all pray goddess during this month and offer clothes , flowers, bangles . These are the all time items . Depending on how rich you are you can do whatever you want . So that's how it works .

I decided to go to that Durga temple and offer 21 plate of items to old ladies . Because I believe the blessings of old are always needed in life . I wore an ivory color saree with a pink blouse and left . I offered betel leafs, turmeric pieces , paku or supari, little flowers and few clothes . I dint keep money on it because money is not everything . This was my plate of items !

So this is how the day started , I stepped out of my house and an elderly man asked me money for eating and I gave him . He blessed me .

Then I went to the bangle shop to buy bangles . It's a old Muslim uncles shop which many people normally don't go , but I always buy from him only . I bought the bangles and wore it there itself . My aunt told she always comes to your shop only don't know why , she likes you . He said she likes me because I sell for the right prize and I don't do lie to customers which is true .
He told my aunt whichever bangles she buys is all good . I have seen this girl many times in this shop and whatever she does looks great . Few people are created by God with all good ! ! I took it as a compliment , that old man won't lie .

Once i entered the temple it started raining . I bought a huge rose garland for the goddess and was shocked to see my garland was the only garland the goddess had . I was happy .

I started distributing the plates .
You won't believe , I had a queue formed with so many ladies and I was left with 21 plates . I told my aunt to buy few more things and come back . I never expected that queue .

This is all they blessed me with .

You look so young , got married so early ? Very cute .

It seems like seeing goddess itself
Stay blessed

I wish I had a daughter in law who works so fast like you . Sorry to that dil :) lol

You are doing a great job at this young age . God bless you .

Lucky guy whoever has married you :)
I told this 10000000 times to Naveen for the whole day , Atlast he said yes and went to sleep ;)

The best was ,

Whatever problems you have and whatever you have come for will happen !!! I cried right there .

What more do you need in life ! This is called life . Life is all about love and giving . I understood it at a young age !

21 July 2016

Pinky rose and what's behind ?

The pinky rose is blooming ! It's a rare one and doesn't happen to bloom soon . It's like 3 -4 flowers in a year .
Do you see a plant behind the rose ? I have no idea what it is . But I remember putting some seeds in it , I mean mixed seeds . It can be yellow or orange marigold or  Gomphrena globosa. Waiting to see what it is !

Seeing a flower bloom gives you hopes !

Small world

The world is so small at times ! I get this feeling when I meet people after years .
We were 5 staying in a same house in 2008 . We 5 were very good friends . I was the youngest among all and I was like their little sister . There is so much of memories associated with that house . Even now when I go India Naveen takes me to see that old house . Those memories ;)Though I was the youngest its me who got married first . All the 5 are settled abroad . All together a different life . We have never met after 2010 .
Few days before I got to see one of my room mate and got to know she stays next to my house back in India . I was super happy . We got back again and it was like , hi this is my husband , my mil etc etc .
Seemed to be funny for us but yea we are getting old and life changes .
Cherish it !!! Loving my neighbor
Loving my old room mate more !!

I have less friends but good ones and that's enough for me ! Peace ;)

The world is so small !! 

19 July 2016

Lost !

Those honey dripping brown eyes 
Those dimples when you smile 
Those twisted sharp teeth
Those sharp eyebrows 
Those Apple cheeks 
Your long black hair 
What more could I ask God ? 
It's like damn I am lost ! 

18 July 2016

Rebel language

Silence is so powerful,
Silence is loud !
Louder than everything in this world .
Being silent teaches you many things .
It teaches you to be patient and calm .
It helps you think so much,
It helps you learn life .
Silence can also bring people to you .
Silence is never quite !

I believe,

Silence is the language of a rebel ! 

I miss these

So this is my favorite . The tender coconut . In my old house we had seven coconut trees . I remember a guy coming every month and getting those coconuts out . We get 70 coconuts from one tree . I remember trying to climb the tree but I was left over with scratches :) never try climbing trees . I stopped it . I am only good at climbing gooseberry trees .
Today being in an other part of the world I can only think of all these . We get only Sri Lankan tender coconut here which would be yellow in color . I tried it but dint like . We get the frozen ones as well and I just hate it .

This is a picture I took when I went to India .

Do you like tender coconut ? Anybody missing it as I do ?

17 July 2016

All I need

I lay down in my bed and think
Why it is only for me
What did we do wrong ?
Why God doesn't help me
Why I feel sad
Why I feel to see you
I miss you so badly
If you are there next to me
I have everything with me
All that I need now is you
Hoping for happy days
Will we ever see those days ?

16 July 2016

Me !

This is what I drew at back of my diary with a pen in two minutes when I ..
Thought about my life for a minute ! 

12 July 2016

Only you know

You are the only one 
Who knows what's inside you 
Nobody else 
There would be people 
Who tell you to quit 
But don't .
Only you know
Your dreams 
Your gut
Your ability
Your desires
Only you can accomplish it 
Not anyone else 
So, do what your mind says 
And you will win one day ! 

11 July 2016


Oh my lovely whitey jasmine
You look cute and bright
I loved seeing you tonight
Love your fragrance
You are the most
Beautiful today !
Seeing you blooming in my balcony
Gives me so much of hopes for tomorrow !

7 July 2016

Surprise !

So, the continuation of previous post . He got me these today ! Surprise .
When I have a gold with me what is the need of a gold necklace :)


So this is the first thing I did this morning . I drew this and went for brushing my teeth .

I normally have weird dreams . My dreams always come true .Likewise, my intuitions are also always correct . Don't know why , but from younger days itself it's like that . Everybody around me knows about this .

This is a necklace that I wore in my dream last night. Thought of sketching it so that it stays . I told Naveen that I had a gold necklace dream today .

He was like ... Huh !!!!

5 July 2016

Astrology .

Thought of writing something about astrology . How many of you believe in it ?

We go to an astrologer only when our time is bad , like praying God .

Few points I believe in.

I won't say I don't believe in it . If I get a chance probably I would ask how things are . Good to know that's it .But my ancestors did believe in it .

My parents dint believe in it , they dint look into every aspect. They loved each other , got married . I still find many saying it's because they got married without beliefs their life ended in tragedy . I strongly disagree .

I believe , live everyday . Add life to your days not days to your life . I don't even have that so called jadhagam. I married someone younger to me . I believe you love each other live your life and move on . Whatever comes good or bad accept it and cross the bridge .

P.S -People and opinions differ !

What do you guys say ?  Do you have any experiences . 

3 July 2016

Onions ! Oh no !

How many of you cut onions ?
Is there anybody whose eyes doesn't cry while cutting ?

I never cut onions , Naveen does it for me always . I hate cutting onions .

Wish there was something to wear on eyes before cutting an onion so that my eyes doesn't cry .

Few told if you soak the onion in water and then cut it you won't get tears . I don't believe in it . If an onion is soaked in water it gets bad .

But there is nothing interesting without an onion in South Indian dishes . Anyhow , trying to find a way out .

If you have any ideas do post in and help me with these onions :)

I don't want my eyes and nose to cry :(

2 July 2016

Own it !

“Failure is an event, not a person. Yesterday ended last night.”

This is something I learned in life . Failures are only events , nothing more than that . It's happened and you can't change it . You have to see what should be done next .

It might be a long process , so much of wait but think of the happiest moments that will come back to you . You will be a winner !

There is nothing more you can do than trusting yourself . Believe ! that's the best you can do . Nothing will happen to you .

The happiness you get after each and every small success is immense . You have to feel it to know the real truth .

Nothing worth having comes easy in life and if something comes easy it will not stay with you .

Own your success ! 

The kid .

Not finding much of time with so much to do at home . Meanwhile , I took a summer painting class at Chennai for a month. Thought of teachin...