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Man and machine

You would have seen my previous blogs on bikes . The love is still there . We went to a showroom to buy one . We saw few enfields, beneli and few other bikes . Rather than the looks I was listening to the acceleration ! Wow that feeling is awesome !! Moments keep flickering in head . When I hear that sound I would be in some other world . Not all girls like bikes but I do . That feeling when all the people look at your bike on roads ! Yes .

Stopped at a red light,
Looking down the hill,
We wait to take flight,
We wait for the thrill.

Riding the green light wave,
Riding the small bumps and holes,
My bike and I roll down the way,
My bike and I roll as one soul.

The wheels turn quicker and quicker
While the air flies past like sweet sound.
My bike light continues to flicker,
While together we, in our music, are drowned.

There's a level of trust between us two,
We listen to each other and feel as one.
And yet there's a sense of mystery that we pursue,
That of machine and man having fun.

Recognize you .

The family doesn't ,The society doesn't,The neighbors won't ,
The organizations won't .

Nobody will recognize you .
Self recognition is so important
You got to recognize yourself
For others to recognize you .
And , self recognition Is never an easy task .
It takes so much of patience , ignorance towards the bad around you , moving out of the crowd , standing alone , going through criticism , jealousy and what not ?

And one day when you
Go through all these
You are a champion !

Good & bad

Life can teach you good things and bad things .It's how you perceive those things 
I have had all the negative experiences , I took that all as positives . I wouldn't change anything  Because , It would alter some of the other things that happened to me in my life. So , when I look back  I would say I have had good things happen  But remember ,  You can't have good without bad  I took it because I loved it  Success is something that I chased  I never knew I will be successful  I have always believed that  I am a strong woman to accept  The bad things and make it good  I am always the best woman to accept the bad  And I believe that !!!!

Never quit

This is for everybody who wants something badly in life . We all will definitely have one thing that we need so much . If you ask me , what I need ? I would say a peaceful life ! Finding peace is not that easy . You need so much of patience to find it .

I have to say one thing , let it be whatever you want never think of the cost , struggles , or anything . It will seem like a long way to go . Thinking of all these you might even quit and lose something that is everything you wanted !

Keep fighting and face the reality

You will get it one day and realize this is real happiness !

Expectation kills , change yourself

This is one thing that I want to tell each and every human in the world .

Expectation kills you and the people living with you .

I see so many people in my everyday life . You can't even imagine how many experiences I go through in a day . I hope you also will be going through the same .

I have met people from just born till the old . Few people whom I can't get along are the oldies . The reason is they can't or we can't get along with their lifestyle . They are like broken taps . Either you have to change the tap which is impossible or tie it with a cloth which is a temporary solution . Don't take this offensive . But that's how it is . There are few with modern views and I really appreciate them .Dont think that this girl will also get old one day ! Yes I know that I will get old :)

Two things I believe, always be positive and think good for others . Anything other than this I can't be friends with them .

There is one thing you got to get in your head , t…

Varalakshmi pooja and the history !

Dedicating this post for my friends living abroad !

Happy reading ....

 Varalakshmi Vrata is performed by married woman for the well being of all the family members, especially husband, to get progeny etc. It is believed that worshiping Goddess Varalakshmi on this day is equivalent to worshiping Ashtalaksmi – the eight goddesses of Wealth, Earth, Learning, Love, Fame, Peace, Pleasure, and Strength.

In the kingdom of Magadha of yore, there lived a Brahmin woman called Charumathi in a town named Kundina. The prosperous town was the home of Charumathi and her husband. Impressed by her devotion to her family, Goddess Mahalakshmi appeared in her dream and asked her to worship Vara-Lakshmi (Vara = boon, Lakshmi = goddess of wealth) and seek to fulfill her wishes. Varalakshmi is yet another form of Lord Vishnu's consort, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. The prayer/worship was prescribed to be offered on the Friday of Sravana month preceding the night of full moon.

When Charumathi explain…

I did this !

An art by me !

After effects of lights out !!

Ghost movies I love  ! I believe when Good is there evil  is there as well . Watching ghost movies with a popcorn is what I just need . One water bottle also . Sorry :)

I know I get afraid but still I watch .

So I am not going to write the review . I hate writing reviews as well as reading .

I am going to  write the after effects of lights out !!

So I was bored at home , called Naveen to book tickets for me so that I will watch lights out and come back home . He tried in 4-5 theaters and it was full . At last I got one seat in the second row from the screen . Somewhat like sitting inside the screen but that's ok :)

I went to the theatre , got a butter pop corn and water bottle and the movie started ! I had one guy stamp my seat from the back so when the Diana ghost popped in I blasted him . That's it he kept his leg where it has to be . The movie got over in 88 minutes . There was no interval . To be honest it was more worse than watching a short film . Reached home at night …

It's about !

As I look at life few things that I realized .

It's not about from where you are ?
It's about where you end up
It's not about how you look
It's about being good hearted
It's not about how rich you are
It's about the help you do with what you have
It's not about what job you do
It's about taking care of the family
It's not about whom you marry
It's about how you live !!

Stay good and think good - the rest falls in when time favors you !


Prayer is efficacious .

However , you may say that you have been praying but nothing ever happens to you .

I will counter that by saying , " if you did not pray, a lot of other things could have happened."

A simple example , there was an old lady who used to tell her beads all day long . Even though she did this faithfully sitting at home she created problems for everyone at home .

People in the house say , even though she does so much of prayer there is no change in her attitude . The beads have changed and become smooth , while her behavior is still rough as they were before .

I would say imagine her behavior if she dint say the beads ? Imagine what she would have done to the people at home? It would have been impossible to live with her in the same house .

The old lady's prayers did produce results , however small !

So ,

In any situation an intelligent person takes into account the various factors before undertaking an action . The law of karma takes care of the resu…

Miss Messy

Growing hair is a difficult task . I have tried every style possible and now I have long hair . No style as such . Probably I shall do a style change soon . Whenever I do a haircut I take Naveen with me , he is the best . Though he doesn't have sisters he knows so much about all these , might be because of marrying me :) ;)

So traveling to different countries, I have serious problems with hair loss because of the water . I have tried all the possible oils but nothing worked . Atlast I ended up with pure almond oil . I am loving it . Though you don't get it in many shops few small shops have this oil .

So few things to say ,

Your hair needs vitamin e and almonds have it so try and see if interested.

I don't comb my hair everyday . I just have a massager comb and a big teeth one .

I use the massager comb before and after sleep .

To tie my hair , my two hands are enough.

I have never had a proper hair tie , it's always messy

I love messy hairs !!!

I created her

You can use your creativity anywhere . It doesn't mean it should be in paper and brushes . This is something that I created now . I dint name her yet .

Post in few names . Let's name her:)

Does she look nice ? She is little old !

Don't mind ..

Head freezes

Like that perfume of yours
Even with those
Hairstyles I get memories
Of being with you !
Everytime I get that smell
I feel like all the
Blood in my head freezing !