17 September 2016

White food

So this morning , I woke up early and was so hungry. Tried having an orange but still wanted to eat something soon . Could feel trains inside stomach . Early in the morning no shops are open .

So this is what I did .

Ingredients required
Split Bengal gram
Mustard seeds
Green chilli
Red dry chilli
Curry leaves
Semolina(white/ brown)

1. Add oil in the pan , add the mustard seeds, ginger, red and green chilli,curry leaves and Bengal gram .
2. Fry it till golden.
3. Pour some water according to the semolina to add .
4. Let the water boil .
5. Add salt and semolina ,keep stirring.

Note : You have to continue stirring until it becomes solid . If you don't keep stirring it forms lumps which will spoil the dish .

Once it's cool . Make it to small ball shapes or triangle , square whatever and steam it in a vessel.

Coconut chutney should go well with it !

I am hungry now !

Try and post in your ideas  . Also let know if you do it in a different way or add extra ingredients.

I am sure that each person prepares in different ways !


  1. This is upma. if we don't add onion, we add hing.

    1. I hate upma so I make it this way . Have never tried Hing. Shall try .

  2. nice! I love upma but we make it watery here with potatoes and veggies :)

    1. Watery in the sense something like soupy noodles ? Do u add extra water or you mean u take it half boiled , I mean half cooked the watery state .

    2. we boil it in water and it is like a thick curry or dal.


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