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The fear of losing someone you love is normal for most people.  This comes  from your fear of being alone in this world and your fear of not being able to bear the thought of being the one who was left behind.
It feels like a dagger through the heart that’s dreadfully sharp and it causes that horrible pain.  And all these is only “thinking” of the possibility of losing someone you truly love. But what if it actually happens?
There can never be a worst experience than actually feeling the loss. The pain is so real and is just too unbearable.

Thinking about the possibility of losing someone you love is so hurting.  You may have invested too much of your time and feelings for that person and so just the thought of losing that person would leave you in a state of panic.
The fear of losing any one  can be difficult for a person, especially if he or she has just experienced a death of a loved one.  
A person can fear losing his/her spouse, his/her parents, his/her children, his/her relatives, h…


"I have a superhero in my life and i call her "MOM" !!!!