29 February 2016


It's been a long while
Since we last spoke
I still think about you
And occasionally ,
It feels like I miss you .
If I ever get another chance,
I 'd love to get to know you
All over again,
Fresh from the start ... 

28 February 2016

Not to do note

How many of you write personal diaries ? I am sure that most of the girls do except me .The most interesting would be the college days diaries .
I never had the habit of writing what's happening in my life , I keep it to my heart . I never wanted to write and someone else to read it . I wanted everything in my life to be personal .But I definitely  write what I spend . Let it be a penny I write it before I go to bed .End of the month I need not wonder where all my money went ??
There is something else that I do . That's called 'how to be yourself" and what am not supposed to do . Now you may think that I can do anything I want . Who is gona stop ? True ...

But I did have a 'not to do list' and I do follow it .

To- do's ,while a great tool that improves your chances for success only get you half way there . To-dont's takes you rest of the way !

Try writing what you are not supposed to follow and feel the difference .

It keeps your life in peace

Post in your views ..

26 February 2016

Hopes !

When ever I stand in my balcony I see a guy walking in our street with many flower pots for sale. I have seen the opposite flat Aunty buying many flower pots from him . I don't know anything about her. I just see her from the balcony while walking with the coffee cup. 
So last time when I went india for vacation I thought of buying few flower pots from him. I got three pots a pink rose, marigold and jasmine which has two layers. I watered it until I was there. Everyday I used to check whether new leaves have come , is there a small bud and I also used to cut off the dried leaves and stems so that it will grow well. I water it twice a day .I got few packets of manures as well .One black packet and a white one . You have to mix the white and black manure together and add it to the soil. I left india doing all these and today it's bloomed . This morning I received a pic of it . I felt so beautiful and it was a lively day .

    ••When a flower blooms so does hopes••

23 February 2016

That House !

They say dreams are always an indication or siren that god gives you before something happens in life .They also say that your early morning dreams will come true .Few believe in dreams and few dont .I personally dont believe in dreams ,what i think about before sleeping comes in as a dream for me .

But the dream that i had yesterday was so beautiful.If i couldn't remember it and pen it here imagine how much it should have meant to be .I still couldn't take it off my head.

It was in my old house where i lived 13 years back .Its a small village with 150 houses made up of bricks and odu(I am not sure what you call it in english ),My house had 8 rooms with a bedroom upstairs.We had a farm of 3500 sq.feet .I planted coconut trees ,plantains.jackfruit ,Mango tree,gooseberry and many other small flowering plants.We get nearly 100 coconuts every month from the tree and we dry it and give it in the mill so that we get the pure coconut oil.The smell of the jack fruit and mango still gives me happiness .We had a well which had steps inside and i used to sit there and study .There was a swing tied to the mango tree,so that i can play with my siblings and friends .I remember climbing the gooseberry tree and plucking it .The memories of having it with salt and chilli powder ..wow!We had so many love birds as well.All these together makes me feel like being in heaven .There were so many fishes inside the well .I used to feed them everyday.We had an elephant in our house as a pet .I remember the elephant lifting its leg and i used to climb on it and sit on the sack..We tie him on the banyan tree which is near to the river.

I left this place 13 years back and i live in Dubai now .
When i step out its a lane of vehicles .
If i open the window its full of dust .
I dont know my neighbors .
I dont even see a plant here .
I dont get flowers.
I dont get the smell of pure coconut oil,those flowers and those fruits .
I can only think of it now.

That heavenly place !!

I dont regret for being here.I do enjoy this as well.Its the dream which took me back to good old school days .

So the dream was simple ..I was in that house watering the plants and and the farm was colourfull with bloomed flowers ,fruits ,vegetables what not ?

Though i live here .I always wanted to go back to a place like this .So i bought a house in the same place so that i can live my life there when i get old .I spent all my savings for that house but i never regret for it. I know that i can make money anytime but not that same house .

Adding few pics of the place where i lived once and gonna spend my old age hopefully ...

Do post in what you feel ..

Dreams keep you alive !! Grow plants and have pets !

Its a different world !

22 February 2016

Question ? No !

Few things that i went through while doing a job search few years back.Thought of sharing with you guys.

Never ask a person what is his/her nationality?It doesn't help in any way with regards to the job that you are gonna offer .Its your Brain and hands thats gonna do the work .Not the 'nationality' .

Never ask why he/she doesn't have a profile pic .You need not see the face to give a job.You offer a job for the knowledge not for the beauty.

Dont ask whether you live with your husband ? that too after seeing the martial status as 'married'.Obviously she will be living with here husband .If not she will update the martial status .Dont worry about it .

P.S  I am happy that nobody asks when are you gona have a kid ?.They do ask this in India !If i knew the answer i would be the living god ...:)

Never dare to ask this Question !!

Do post in your views and similar experiences if you have been a victim :) ..lol

21 February 2016

You !

So maybe you’re not the best athlete.Maybe you don’t get the highest scores in class. Maybe you don’t even know what you’re good at? But you are the the best at being yourself and there is no one on Earth like you.
And one day someone is going to come along and they will be so so glad that you exist !

And if there is someone like that pray for them !

God bless !

20 February 2016

8 years compiled in 6 lines .

Writing a summary is the most difficult thing I would say . It's like you got to compile years into a paragraph. Yesterday evening I was sitting with my linked in account to update it . I never knew it would take nearly 6 hours to update a summary . I had to go through many concerned summaries to know how it looks like and how it should be put in . After all the work that I did I managed to make my own summary with 6 lines. Summaries should always be short and sweet . If you know know to write a good summary you are talented. So after writing the summary it was tired and I hit the bed .
Everyday is a learning !
Good night .

18 February 2016

At Dubai

                                         Where ever I go ,
                                         Let it be any country .
They say that I
Take the rain clouds with me !!

16 February 2016

Rich man

I looked at the stars and moon outside 
They are bright and beautiful 
I pondered for a while 
They never complained about ,
Doing the same thing.
They never fail on reflecting the sunlight 
And shining down on us .
They never get tired and have 
Always been satisfied .
They just shine and shine all night long,
And admired by people's sight ,
Always take light as the sun ignites.
I realized now that we are not poor 
There is no thing as poor,
unless you think of yourself as one.
Just like the stars and moon 
Never complain .
Satisfaction can make 
A man rich ! 


Watching the skyline from great  heights was like a re birth.
Wow! How could I ever explain the beauty .
That orange and yellow mixed layers on the blue sky
I could see some shades of red and indigo as well
For my eyes it was like a falooda ice cream .
I could only watch the sky through my window ,though I felt to fly like a bird .
The tall buildings and the lights
Brightened my life .
I have waited for these rays to fall on me .
Like the sunrise
Few things just happens in life
The voyage never ends
And the mind can never break off from that journey !
An unforgettable travel of life !

14 February 2016

New me ..

Here I sit with a coffee ,
Thinking how fast days fly.
It seems to be like a metro travel,
I never knew I would be here.
I feel is this me ?
At the end I found the real good hearts .
They know me we ,
Spent some good times.
All these seems to be like a dream .
Miracles do happen,
When we think to quit .
That's where God proves himself !
There are days when I searched
In which nook of the world the God lives ?
I have to go and meet him .
At last he did prove
And me flying with happiness !
A new me with the true,
loves notes on my flesh !
And I love to live with it !

13 February 2016

For the love

Love is a part of life .
      So love is fighting life ,
With the love of your life .
      Stay together, stay strong 
      Every second with him ,
Is a Valentine's Day .
     Everything you do is called 

Love !

Thank god!

When I hear someone say
I am all alone
I feel to ask them
I am alone from the age of 14
What would you say for that ?

When someone tells me
They don't have money
I feel to ask them
I have been without money
From the age of 14
And I started working
At the age of 18
What would you say for that?

Did you ever be alone ?
Did you ever eat out for years ?
Did you ever go for work at 18?
Did you ever educate your siblings ?
Did you ever go for night shifts ?
Did you ever pay for yourself ?
Did you ever stay in a hostel ?
I did all these

So if you have not done any of these ...
God has kept you well for a life time
Be blessed and thank god !!

12 February 2016

Resume flies !

So today I got a new friend from Egypt who is looking out for a job at Dubai . He is a teacher as well as a developer, interesting ! He was talking about the rents , tax, hangout places in Dubai , cars ,living style ,sharing rooms , money what not ? It's very rare that you see genuine people these days while texting . Meeting someone like this after a long time . He even told me about the job offers he has now in Dubai as well as Europe and asked few questions about my career and life at Dubai . A healthy conversation indeed .
He ended up with 'I liked thinking with you and thanks for your time 'Good night !

A good day ! When you have someone who talks to you worthy you feel the day went well .

Post in your views .

11 February 2016

You can !

The wrong people will distract you
Don't spend your time for negative people
Everything you need is already inside you
You can't always be nice ,people will take advantage of you .
Hangout with people smarter than you
And you will see the difference
If you want to be successful
You must be willing to walk alone
Make the decision to get rich
And never look back

You can.
End of story.

Above all these if you wake up without a goal
Go back to sleep !!

Faith wins

When you battle with your knees
You will win all the time .
Feed your faith always 
And one day 
The fears will 
Starve to death ! 

10 February 2016

Faith or fate ?

The most important day of my life .
It feels like writing a public exam
And waiting for the result
This feeling is more worst
Than the exams .
It's like waiting for an Oscar
The worst part is you not being here
This is the day I wanted you here
And tomorrow is the fate day
I am waiting for the fate day
With some faith which I have
Out of all our hardships
I don't know whether the fate or faith wins ??
I still believe the faith wins !!

9 February 2016

The 9 wishes on feb 9

So it's my birthday today ! What's special ? Me surviving in this world is the greatest gift .
This birthday is very special because Facebook dint play its role.Last night I removed my birthdate from my account . I did it because I dint want any fake wishes or a one liner wish with a smiley at the end .Even if it was few wishes I wanted it from them and wanted it to be real .
To be honest I had a peaceful birthday with a small cake and a candle ! I loved the silk saree surprise from naveen .Naveen love you for it !  My love for silk is never ending. The live skype cake cutting was simply awesome . I loved the nuts and black current cake with some cherries in it .

I wanted to post few messages which I received from the most lovely people around me . You all made my day !!

Out of 500+ friends in social networks you people made me feel special ! You are the real friends !!

Life is simple and awesome without facebook.
A big thanks for all the imo and direct calls !School friends you made my day !
The best birthday ever !!

7 February 2016

Just a doodle

I have the habit of writing letters upside down and in reverse . So I was thinking what to do with it and scribbling in a paper . Got bored after a while . I had my black marker pen and a paper in my bag . I took it and just doodled. And this is what I ended up with ! Never waste time . Keep doodling and it's fun .

Let me know how it is ?

6 February 2016

Red kind heart

My dear strawberry
Whenever I see you
I remember a kind red heart
You look so lovely
Your complexion is so hot
Why do you always hide your self
Under your green hair ?
I couldn't find anything on your face
When I see you I just want to eat you
And you have made my taste buds smile !
That sour and sweetness together
Makes me feel great !
I always love you
And I will get you at any cost
You are so  likable and wild in taste
You are the best with
Hot chocolate
And you make my tummy yummy !

5 February 2016

Genuinely ...

We are not supposed to judge anyone.
But I have been with some really genuine people so thought of posting few things I realized .
Genuine people are always busy reading ,studying or having experience that help them grow and understand life.
They also try understanding people around them.
They always tell you what you 'need to hear 'than what you 'want to hear ' .
They are courageous.It doesn't mean they are ok with sky diving or bungee jumping but if there is a problem they will give you a rope to hold on .
They always like to be with the same kind of people .
Genuine people have as many bad days than you but they always put up a smile on their face and move on .
They have the inner happiness of being true to themselves(the sarcastic world doesn't matter )

Have one genuine friend and that's enough for a lifetime . They seem to be weird but they are the best !   

4 February 2016

My digital classroom

Today I was to write about genuine people but my phone beeped again . It was a message from my old school friend in India . The message said our school is one of the largest government school declared and it's going to have digital class rooms and she sent me a link as well .
When I got this I was actually sitting in the bed with coffee. The excitement and happiness that I felt when I saw that video is un imaginable .
Days has passed by but that two years in a government school has given me so much . It was nice to see my school again, The main entrance (Fatima gate) the buildings , assembly ground ,the students with different color uniforms .... What a day it is !

Really happy about this ...
I have studied in five different states and five different schools . Hence I have a mixed variety of friends from different countries ,state ,language so on .But this government school has given me lots of good friends and good times ! This is the only govt school that I studied in .

The great Govt. Moyan model girls higher secondary school (Palakkad,Kerela)

I am really feeling blessed !
You got to study in a government school to know how it feels . It's entirely different from a normal private,international and many other schools.

#The school which owns higher number of students in the state#
#The first school to have digital class room#

Watch the video below . I understand that many wont know the Malayalam language but I couldn't find one in English . Apologies !!

2 February 2016

Slip and fly

So , this morning while sitting in the sofa with a cup of coffee i was thinking about the sky diving . How nice flying would be ? Definitely it's scary but if you can then you fly high ...a memory for lifetime. 
So is life , we slip first and then learn to fly.

This is why I changed the blog title to 'slip and fly'
For everything we do there should be a reason isn't it ? 

P.S - I am scared of sky diving ! I want to live long ...lol 😁

1 February 2016


I do own a splinter that gives me no rest ,
The one that prevents me from often doing my best .
This splinter causes constant discomfort,
Wherein I can't even shout .
The pain might not be physical
But exist it certainly does
It's an unknown fear
And the constant annoying buzz
The one which I don't want in my life
I wanted to push it away .
The one which is unfortunate to stay here .
I wish I could pull it out ,If only I knew where .
It lies hidden between feelings I just can't share .
It pierces deep within me
And re confirms its presence .
It pops out when I don't expect it .
Then maybe this splinter can be my savior too ,
For if I know what is the cause
Then I know the solution too
One day I will may it disappear
That it can never re appear !  

The kid .

Not finding much of time with so much to do at home . Meanwhile , I took a summer painting class at Chennai for a month. Thought of teachin...