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Empty pocket teaches you life
A full pocket spoils you in million ways !


The past is the past for a reason
That is where it is supposed to stay
But some cannot let it go
In their heads it eats away

Until all their focus becomes
The person that they used to be
The mistakes they made in their life
Oh, if only they could see

That you cannot change what happened
No matter how hard you try
No matter how much you think about it
No matter how much you cry

What happens in your lifetime
Happens for reasons unknown
So you have to let the cards unfold
Let your story be shown

Don't get wrapped up in the negative
Be happy with what you have been given
Live for today not tomorrow
Get up, get out and start living

Because the past is the past for a reason
It's been and now it is gone
So stop trying to think of ways to fix it
It's done, it's unchangeable, move on

First Pastels

Oil pastels I loved it .I never knew that oil pastel painting would be such beautiful and easy to stroke.Its just that we have to know how to hold it and sketch.As I am a beginner I first checked YouTube and learnt how to paint simple ones.I had some canvas boards with me but as I am trying pastels for the first time thought to do it with normal drawing paper.I really wanted to draw a fish or a bird but thought it would be difficult and started with a big tree like a grade one child does in drawing period .Then I tried some scenary,mermaid,Radha Krishna,flowers ,a dark night and so on.The pictures have come out well ,not bad .I am planning to draw a beach , butterfly , boat and continue with my work.I don't know what to do with all the boards so I have decided to take it to my home town , frame it and hang .

Planning to gift some for my close friends ! 

Posting a cartoon and pencil sketch as well .

As I said painting is a beautiful language.You have to paint to know how it feels .

Keeping count

Peter:Jijo !what happened to your hand ?
Jijo:I tried to count my pet dogs teeth
Jijo:He shut his mouth to count my fingers !

Moral:Not required :)


Eid  in Dubai is always an exciting time. Dubai, the city that never sleeps, is full of fun and excitement activities to indulge into during the Eid holidays .I would say people should visit Dubai during this period.The festival of food, colors, aromas,sales (eeee) goes on.The three days off was well spent roaming .It was a difficult task to reach Dubai from my home.Open the window anytime and its traffic all time .The first thing that I did was trying three different hotels . Should say that it was damn crowded but had some yummy food so that I can get some more energy to roam around.I couldn't find anybody sitting alone an eating .They have come with their families .The small babies were asleep.Look at any shop it was all about sale and crowd .I managed to peep in and buy some t shirts ,story books ,some fabric colors and some lipstick :)There were different cultural dance shows going on , Poster exhibitions,singing goes on  .So for me it was all about going out and roam as much…

Just a working man

This morning while drinking Horlicks my head thought how does it feel for an ordinary man to go for work and save the family till the end of his  life .It seems to be nice when we see from outside but it's real hardship they go through.

There are two sides for a coin like wise here also .Just writing one side of it !

I am not sure whether I can portray what they feel but just putting in some of my views .

Firstly what came to my head is -BOYS hate COMPARISM !

Their life would be happy till 10 th or 11 th grade ,playing cricket ,roaming around the clock.A father who shouts all time an a mother who supports him .All his wishes have succeeded by the help of his mother....there is a saying mothers support son and fathers support daughters ! Ha ha ..

From 12 th grade his life starts .
Don't roam around here and there without studying .Sit and study !
Questions arised -when is your final exams ? Which group are you going to study ? Will you be doing post graduation ? Etc etc


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Never doubt the power of prayer !

Happy fishes @ my home

What did i do this week end ?I spent a day in the ornamental fish shop near my house .I have 2 tanks in my house a rectangle one  and a bowl.Thought of adding some more small colourful fishes and some big ones.This Craze for fishes started from my home town .I remember me and my brother taking some empty bisleri bottles to the river next to my house and dip it and collect some small fishes and tadpoles and we leave it free in the well which is in our farm.And we used to put some bread and rice into the well for the fishes.Those memorable days :).We did have a tank with 70 fishes such as black,white,orange,red mole,tiger,angel,succer,fighter,gowra,cat fish,neon,Tetra,some guppies...goes on .

A motor wherein a boy pees :)We used to close the roof of the tank so that the fishes dont suicide :)

Though i don't have a well& a river here and i live away from my hometown i managed to have some fish tanks at my home.

Adding some pictures for you all

Madness follow even when you get old…

Oh ! Noo

Why dint you wake up early ?
Why don't you brush your teeth  And then smile at me ? Why do you Wink at me ?  I was sleeping  inside  Won't I wait until you  Brush and come .. Why did you disturb me ? I too have a family Sleeping  At my home called fridge That's ok you woke me up ... But then why dint you Hug me properly  You put me down  And took my life !

Permanent/temporary address ?

No matter how badly you try to keep in touch with your family and friends,moving abroad makes them apart.Facebook ,Skype and what's app helps to an extent but not in a long run.

Moving abroad is a selfish choice actually .In my case not 😝

I know that I am making my family happy .I am blessed with a family who hide their true feelings towards me .They don't burden me with fears instead,it's like if you are happy we are happy too.

I love moving abroad but that moment in airport when I check in and say bye from far away with a flying kiss to my lovely people who stand with tears in the visitors area.Thats the hardest part of moving abroad I would say .

Where is home ?
International life? Yes? No?

Melody day

I am not a Malayali girl but the love towards Malayalam songs increases day by day .I have not heard  much during 80-90 period as I was busy with my boarding life  and friends .Melody songs and the dark clouds are one among my hate list .The dark clouds make me cry ! Funny but yea that's the truth.
If I go to beach on a cloudy day there is nothing more worse to spoil my day .
I have learnt music for 9 years from three different teachers but still I feel difficult to learn or even practice Malayalam songs.I feel Tamil ,Hindi and English more easier .
I love hearing Malayalam songs when I need calmness around me .The best time would be when I am alone at home .
With all my love I practiced to write and read Malayalam as well as Tamil.
I believe that if you can pronounce Malayalam letters you can survive anywhere in this world and learn any other language.
So this morning I started with some melodies so thought of writing what I feel ...
I know that there are many people around who …


I am having this feeling for a long time .Should  I be in Facebook or not ? 
I feel like spending the whole day in fb and what's app .I couldn't feel anything interesting  .Just few updates ,photos,dub smash,trailers,some news and some advice.I feel like seeing the same thing again and again .I have so much of work to do but still I feel to see what's the new story showing up. Few days back I deactivated fb for two days and the peace I had in my life was superb but then, my friend called me asking hey ! Did you see fb I have posted some pics .I logged in again .This is happening for a long time now . I don't upload much pics or do a status  update but, still I have to keep scrolling the page .I thought why should I make a sandwich inside my head  ?I knew that it's a disease so I decided to quit fb  for now 😝  Only what's app and I love it except forward messages 😛
I hate writing long stories ...tried my best to keep it short ..

Childhood Memory ...

When i saw the largest aquarium, the first thing that popped into my head is the aquarium which i saw for the  first time ever in my life and how beautiful  i felt that day .I felt like swimming even when i was sleeping at night..That aquarium which i saw in my home town was the biggest surprise and aww .It is situated near malampuzha dam .I still remember the rope car ride and the full day of enjoyment eating pop corn.
Adding some pictures of the aquarium which i visited when i was a kid and the one which i visited recently .

I Always cherish my child hood days !
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There is no bigger crime you can do to yourself than let your dreams die.

Dreams ...

Dreams are made of lots of hard work.
Perhaps if we try to cut down the corners
We lose track of the reason we started dreaming
At the the end we find that the dream
No longer belongs to us !

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You will find the true purpose of life the day you surf the perfect wave.

No ctrl +Z

Life is too short
To wake up with regrets
Love the people
Who treat you well
Forget about who don't .

Believe Everything happens for a reason
Believe in time
If you get a chance Take it
If that chance Makes your lifeBe blessed.

Nobody said life is Easy
Make it worthy Enough
Do not run to Add days to life
Run to add life To days .

Make your life
Worth watching when you
Look back one day !

Pencil and Paint !