31 January 2016

Star birthday

What's a star birthday ?

I always have two birthdays the star birthday and the date birthday when  . On my star birthday it's just that we do a pooja in the temple and my mum will make some sweets at home. New dress is for sure ! But then I never tried finding what is a star birthday ! It's today that I wanted to know what it is .
In simple words  your star birthday is your birthday using the Hindu calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar. Hindu calendars are traditionally used to derive entire individual horoscopes. I don't want to add more to this because it's like an ocean there is so much to read and understand to get a clear picture .

So two birthdays in a year and two new dresses!

Birthdays ... Own it ! 

29 January 2016

Brother !

If you have a brother you have everything in this world . Let him be younger or elder , doesn't matter . If he is elder he will behave too serious , if he is younger he will act as if he is so serious . lol 
You play with them when you are young but as days pass by they are going to stand by you for everything under the world . If you have a brother like that take care of him. He loves his sisters and he will do anything for them . For him sisters are an other side of his mother . If anything happens to you he can't bear it . He might not be rich but till the end he does the best he can do for you  . He is the only one for you ! 
Brothers will always keep you happy ! They just need  a smile on your face ! 
Love your brother ! 
He needs you always ..

28 January 2016


Sometimes I wonder if my mind can ever be still.It seems to be in constant motion of its own free will .Even when I try to calm the thoughts in my head, they continue to race ahead,some even before they are read.
I spend the maximum time with myself each day .So I really don't have a choice .I have to obey my thoughts.I know that being me is the most difficult role .So I am positive when it comes to thoughts and I am happy about it . 

Stay positive even in thoughts ! 

27 January 2016


Alone I can say
      Together we can talk
Alone I can enjoy
      Together we can celebrate
Alone I can smile
      Together we can laugh
That's the beauty of human relations

Stay connected ! 

26 January 2016


Sometimes lost,sometimes found,
Sometimes silly,sometimes sound,
Sometimes straight,sometimes round...
Oh, the circle of life..
Ever so profound ! 

25 January 2016

An other side

An old man named Yolo proposed a game to the kids.He put a basket full of fruits and kept it under a tree and told the kids that whoever got there first won the sweet fruits .When he told them to run they all took each other's hands and ran together.They sat together enjoying their treats.When he asked them why they had run together? 
They replied: How can one of us be happy if all the others are sad? 

A lesson for the world to take a note of .

Kids are pure hearted & non polluted .This is why God used the example of kids to demonstrate how a believer of his words must be .

Imagine what a wonderful world it would have been if many of elder ones had the wisdom of these kids ! 

Post in your thoughts about this ...

24 January 2016

Funny bread pudding

I don't eat sugars in my life but I love making one and offering others. A friend of mine has a son and he loves the sandwiches that I make with the beetroot, potatoes, tomato,lettuce and some sauces . If I am going to his house he calls me and tells to bring some sandwiches. Like wise I tried making some "funny bread pudding"
I know that kids always need a difference in whatever they eat. It can be funny, creative or might be your own receipe .
So here is what I made .

I mixed 2 tablespoons of fresh cream,strawberry crush and honey in a yellow bowl.

In an other green bowl poured some Milk and kept it aside.

Chopped two bananas and kept aside

1.Dipped the bread in the milk bowl so that it gets soaked and softens.

2.Placed it over the chopped bananas

3.Spread a layer of fresh cream , strawberry crush and honey mixture over the bread slice.

4.Spread some more chopped banana and repeat layers if you want .

I stopped with one layer....

The scrumptious bread pudding is ready !!!

End of the day you got to make healthy food !
Every kid is different.

23 January 2016

Your friend ...

This morning I woke up at 3:00 am to drop my husband for work . After I was back home I made some coffee ,fed the fishes which I have at home and I was thinking about friends, relationships etc etc .

Wanted to pen it because I still got time to start my work .

Being friendly and communicative is not easy . You might have many friends but then you can't be the same to all and vice versa.Each people differ . How far you take the friendship matters a lot . Having one good trustworthy friend is a great thing these days . And if you have someone like that hold them with you for the rest of your life . You might have many friends on Facebook or an any other social networking sites . It doesn't mean they all are your friends . You know them...that's all . Out of your 300-400 friends list ,you can find 5 numbers  .Always find the right one .

If you ask me I always prefer fairly transparent people as my best friends . Too much transparent is risky at times.

When I ask how are you? I don't want to know the latest illness in your cousins husbands grandfathers mothers family !! Lol

There is a lot of difference between a formal question and genuine concern.
-Say what you mean, mean what you say .

When it comes to friendship or whatever relationship that 'occasional  mistake' may happen but have the humility to acknowledge you slipped ,apologize and change !

Whom you have as a friend makes a change in your life.

I believe

~A good friend knows all your best stories .
A best friend has lived them with you ~


You don't have to hear the words" I love you "to know that you are loved .
Listen carefully,people speak from the heart in more ways than one .

22 January 2016


Last evening I went through my g mail folders . It was good looking out the old emails . I opened the appreciation folder and went through it .I dint look into any other folders.I created the appreciation folder in 2010.Reading those appreciation mails took me back to those night shift days. If you tell me to do that same job again I would love to do it ..but years have passed and I need to move on with better opportunities.
Signing off  with the memories of those night shift jobs !

The grave yard shifts ! 

21 January 2016


Two days back I switched off the wifi at home . Crazy isn't it ? But that's ok . I had my laptop to do the work for my earning . I thought that will do ! And my friends had my phone numbers with them . So if anything urgent they will definitely call me .

So it was not difficult to live without Internet ,in fact I was feeling good .

Just wanted to let you all know what I did without the wifi in my life .

Our friend came home with his car and we went for a drive .
We had  some raw avocados and coconuts .
Went to the bank to get some pending papers done .
Checked in few hotels .
Heard few songs .
Cleaned the bedroom .
Watered the plants .
Cleaned the shoe rack .
Went to the airport to receive a friend and had some coffee there .

There is so much to add in .....

But doing all these I dint even take a selfie because I just wanted everything real and dint wanted to touch my phone and show faces  . I left my phone in the car itself .

A day without what's app , Facebook , skype, camera 360 was much better .

I do understand that it's difficult without all these but once in a while it feels awesome !

There are so many things that happen around you .

Try it if possible and feel good !

20 January 2016


Put a frog into a vessel fill with water and start heating the water.
As the temperature of the water begins to rise, the frog adjust its body temperature accordingly.
The frog keeps adjusting its body temperature with the increasing temperature of the water. Just when the water is about to reach boiling point, the frog cannot adjust anymore. At this point the frog decides to jump out.
The frog tries to jump but it is unable to do so because it has lost all its strength in adjusting with the rising water temperature.
Very soon the frog dies.
What killed the frog?
Think about it!
I know many of us will say the boiling water. But the truth about what killed the frog was its own inability to decide when to jump out.
We all need to adjust with people & situations, but we need to be sure when we need to adjust & when we need to move on. There are times when we need to face the situation and take appropriate actions.
If we allow people to exploit us
physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually or mentally they will continue to do so.
Let us decide when to jump!
Let's jump while we still have the strength.

19 January 2016

Father !

On the darkest days of my life
I remember whose daughter I am
And I straighten my crown !

Are you ?

There is no word called "perfect "for me . And the key to any venture is even simpler ,you have to start.

Just start !

It's great to plan, it's great to have a bit of perfectionist that makes you want to have high standards in life .I'm not saying throw away all your standards and create something else ,but don't let those standards get in the way of you actually creating "something."

I am not a perfectionist .I just prioritize my needs and complete it .

Are you a perfectionist?
How has it helped you ?

18 January 2016

Happy me !

So this morning once I returned from the hospital and stepped home ,my phone beeped and it was an email saying

 Congratulations! "Google Adsense application has been approved " .

 I was super happy .It might be a small blog but I was super happy about it and sent the screenshots to few of my best friends and posted it in Facebook as well .Happiness is to be shared !

I wanted to let know how I started this blog . When I was working with Cognizant for the smart meter team  I had a friend( karthik) of mine who reads a lot and is super active at work .He was like all time reading and such a positive person. Once when we went to the pantry for some tea we started talking about his blog and continued our work . He asked me do you have a blog ? I was like no I don't have . He told me I will help you with it and that's how I started my blog in 2011. I don't have contact with him much  because he left his job and moved to an other country and its just like pinging hi bye when we get time in our busy schedule . He did publish a book recently. Hoping he will look into my blog from an other corner of the world . . .

Then comes my 11 th grade friend(Satya) . I was doing my science and she was in the commerce class . But before I got seat for my science class I was put in commerce for a week so that's how I found her and few others who are still so lovable friends . I always love that school and the commerce class students . Had real good times there.

After our studies we left to different places for higher studies and work . Got back in touch via Facebook and started talking about few things and the blog. I told her that my blog is so small I don't know how to improve it give me some ideas . So we used to chat from Dubai - Bangalore . Her blog is simply awesome and she helped me with many ideas and she looks into my blog and pings me how it was .

So these two people should be thanked forever . I have been taught that you are not going to lose anything by the word "thanks " and I really thank you guys.

You made me happy !

Above all these I married a media planner (Naveen)who has dedicated his life for advertising and he is like super happy for my blog . Got to see him once he comes home after work .
Planning to make some extra sugar coffee for him ! Lolzz

Celebrate every moment of your life !

Small things means a lot in life .

Hugs and love,

Nameless writing.....

Rough dark fingers
Sweep through my billowing hair
Grazing nail on my scalp
Shuddering slowly my eyes close
And I am happy whole !
I can never recollect it again
Because I leave this world
For sometime ...
And when I come back alive
I see the chocolate man with beard
And I love him ! 

17 January 2016

Rose !

When I fed you everyday
I never knew that you
Would stand up
Small and beautiful
With tiny toes ...
I never knew you would smell
This good !
I love you
Stay forever ...

16 January 2016

Is it so ?

I always had a repulsive need
to be something more than human.
The truth is of course is that there is no journey.
We are arriving and departing all at the same time.

Is it so ? ? 

You got to speak !

Normally they say if you have good scores you can excel in your career and that's why you tell your kids to study well and keep pushing him /her all the time. I will never do it . But I will definitely teach them manners and how to talk English and I am done . The rest they will learn by themselves  .Let me tell you that I am an average student with a single degree in hand . I never accept the fact that scores can give you a good career and life .I have seen people in my college who scored 90% and dint know to talk English and they failed in most of the interviews.They used to make fun of me saying you will speak only in English ha ?because I studied in a place where English speaking people were less. I believe that English is not an easy language .You can never learn it by writing or reading . You got to open your mouth and talk only then you can learn English . Most of them don't do it because they are afraid whether they will sound bad and make grammar mistakes . They never realize that you got to make mistakes to learn something for lifetime.If you know the basic English the accent comes by its own, you can do it  . Trust me, I have never got a job with my scores I have always earned it with my tongue ! I have cleared all the interviews that I attended only with the English and basic mannerism which was taught to me at home.

English is an awesome language if you love it ! 

Start speaking and make mistakes . 

You will never regret in  later part of life when you fly high ..

Take that leap,catch your dreams and create histories !

Your life got to be worth watching !At least for your self .


So today was the day !
Meeting sateesh from Canada after three long years . I never expected he would come home to meet .It was a big surprise when I saw him standing right there . Like a dream .I was like super exited and got so much to talk . And we were like stories , break ups , movie , food , vegan, disease, rules, clubs, money, job  what not ?  and it was lovely . Time was flying like no where . Those good old times at chennai , and today it's all changed . Time changes everything with so many memories. Yet to fly and meet up out !
With so many stories ..

Friends are the true relatives !
This day will always be cherished!

Signing off -

15 January 2016

Sexy guitar !

So last time when I was India I saw my guitar sleeping in the bedroom leaning on the wall.Thought to buy a new dress for him but couldn't because I dint know where to get one. I just cleaned him and took with me. He is so likable .
He was gifted to me at night 12 on my birthday with so many kisses ,and I live with the person who gave it to me . Was thinking what to do with him and at last I decided to join for some classes and love him more and more.
I named him love ! Whenever I see him I go romantic and I always cherish that 12 o clock gift !

Happy that I own them! 

Time !

Time is slow when you wait
Time is fast when you are late
Time is deadly when you are sad
Time is short when you are happy
Time is endless when you are in pain
Time is long when you feel bored
Everytime,time is determined by your feelings and psychological conditions and
Not by the clock !

14 January 2016

Be blessed

This evening when I was having some coffee walking in the balcony I saw two small boys coming in a cycle for their tuition.
The elder brother dropped him and and the younger one climbed a floor and gave a flying kiss to his brother who was waiting with the cycle downstairs.

I could only wonder
"How lovable their parents would be"
Blessed kids ! 

13 January 2016


Write a letter and you will feel better.
They are good ways to communicate.
Letters send messages that are up to date 
They help to build good relations and will save you from frustration. Letters can be friendly , formal,funny, naughty or normal 
Share your ideas and your views and all of your exiting news . 
Become a letter writer and your days will be so much brighter 
I got so many letters ! And I cherish the love letters 

Post in your views and let know what you feel ...

Happy home

A man with dreams
Needs a woman with vision
A man's money
Will never excite an
Independent woman !
It doesn't mean
She doesn't care for him
It's always not about
Having a big house
It's all about having
A happy home ! 

12 January 2016

Celebrate !

God didn't promise days without pain, Laughter without sorrow, or sun without rain.

But he did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears,
and light for the way.

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

Always trust the timing and journey of your life !

Need glitters

           I remember the days
           Where I made greetings
           For my friends with
           Glitter pens and crayons
           And signing off with love

          I remember sending
          Emails to my family
          Conveying wishes
          But these days
          Everything ended up ...

Now it's all about
What's app dude!
Ping me!

People can't even type "I LOVE YOU"
The love ended up with emoticons !

Seems to be a fake world !

11 January 2016

I saw them

The moment I stepped home
I had my granny sitting
My mum making some food
Because I am  home
My father had gone for work
I had my younger brother and sister
Playing around in the hall
I saw all the plants grown
But none spoke to me
I saw that same house alive
Then I realized it was dream
And when I woke up
I was sleeping in
An other world with
Someone who they
Have never seen
But I am happy that
I loved my real self
In that dream
Wish I had all days back
I want them all in my next birth !
Even if they don't speak...

A tear drops off
From my eyes !


The major transitions happen in your 20's.
The choices you make in this critical decade lays the foundation for your life .
You learn everything through firsthand experience .
And if you don't learn it you are going to lead
A life given by others !
A second hand life ..

10 January 2016


Life is like an ocean
Many waves passes by
Each and every wave won't be the same
We learn how to dance through the storm
And how to laugh at our conditions .
At the end we learn how to treasure what life  has given us
Because life is like an ocean
We won't experience the same wave twice !!

9 January 2016

She is a million dollar!

Straightforward women may come off as too dominating or too strong. They might also be labelled as heartless and ruthless. Sometimes, that might be true but that is not the only truth about such women. No one likes to be called that and if someone is all right being called all of this and acting like this, they have probably been through something a lot worse that has conditioned them to become this way.

Also, I do not believe there is anything wrong with being straightforward. It actually saves you a lot of time and a many guessing games in the fights you have. If you are in a relationship with a straightforward woman, it might seem like the hardest thing to take initially but when you start comparing your relation with others, you will be thankful that your woman is straight forward.

Such women keep it hard to forget and let go of things till they take it out of their system and put it right on the table. They feel the urge to tell you out loud the mistakes you have made and they will not hesitate.

A fight with such a woman is like fighting with your best friend. You let it all out, your friend accepts their mistakes and you except yours.

They will easily get offended if you try and change things about them. They don’t like to be told that they need to change. Though, if it is something presented with a logical explanation and not as an order, they will give it an honest thought. Other than that, they will treat it as a threat to their true self.
Such women will also love you for who you are truly. They will not try and change the core part of you and they will understand if you decide not to change.

Most importantly, they never take things to their hearts! They will not hold a grudge against you if you are brutally honest because they know the true meaning of being straightforward .

If you have a straightforward woman in your life, cherish her. She is saving you from a load of drama.

Someone who stands for what they love will stand for you as well !!

8 January 2016

Extraordinary life !

Never strive your children
For extra ordinary lives
It just seems admirable but it's not .

Help them to find the wonder of ordinary life !
Show them the taste of
Apples, bitter gourds and  lemons .

Show them how crying feels like
And teach them
How it feels when hurt !

Make the ordinary come alive
The extraordinary comes by itself ! 

New world

It's a new world
Where the sunlight is brighter
And the winds are stronger
Feels like just born
Loving peace.
And long way to go
Loving the new world !

6 January 2016

End o no !

When I saw you for
The first time on that dj night
I never knew I would love you
And I never knew I would meet u again
I dint know that I would marry you and live my whole life loving you
You are the best that ever happened in my life
I realized that I can't even take eyes off you
That moment when I said I love and went inside would always be an unforgettable one till I die.
So I closed my eyes for all our bad and when I opened you were next to me with that same smile and a lovely kiss
I never knew I would see you again and that's how I went inside
I never knew that it's only your name I would blabber
I couldn't take my eyes off you
I was afraid of leaving you and going in
But after all the hardships
I love seeing you again n continuing my life with you
You are the best and I madly love you
Without you my life would have gone dark !
Now I believe why we were meant to meet each other
And my love for you keeps increasing day by day ..
I love the dark bearded man !
And there is  none like you in this world
And none who would love you as I do !
Hoping good times together soon.

3 January 2016


Nobody knows where he goes
Or what he does deep inside the sea
But he is the "one "

Find you

Courage doesn't always roar
It needs so much of courage
To get damn bored
And that's when you find
The real creativity in you ! 

2 January 2016

Keep surfing

It takes a lot of courage to stand on what you believe!
This year is an other normal year for me . I don't believe in resolutions because I know its entirely different from what we do everyday ! I believe in "love what you do and be who you are" .An year doesn't make big changes . It's just that when time favors everything falls in place .
2015 was not an awesome year for me but I learned so much from all the sufferings I went through.
And one among them was eat what you like and be different.Its easy when you see from outside and criticize but, you need to wear those shoes and run to know how it feels .
Nothing worth having comes easy .
Hoping more good to happen this year for you all .

Have a  fit life ahead !
Many small  drops make an ocean !

Find the right wave to surf ,and look back only to see how far you have come ...

The kid .

Not finding much of time with so much to do at home . Meanwhile , I took a summer painting class at Chennai for a month. Thought of teachin...