30 June 2016

Sparkling love !

The moment I saw you
My heart fell on your feet
When I saw your eyes
I felt the glitters in sky
You are dark
And I love that the most
Love is a moment of dying
And still being alive
That feeling is priceless
Though your hairs grow grey
Your heart is golden
Till the end I will live
Loving you
Those sparkling moments can never be explained
It has to be felt
It's like floating on air !!!

29 June 2016

Leap of faith !

This is for everybody who is weak now
For all who doesn't believe things will fall in place
For all who thinks it will never happen
For all who thinks you will never get through
For all who thinks can I ever do it ?
For all who is waiting for that day

Whatever it is
It will happen one day
Keep trying though you fail many times .
Failing doesn't matter if it's going to
Happen one day
You can get through whatever is happening now
You will get all the faith back
And you can go through
You can  pass

And Atlast it will all fall in place
By this time you will be the strongest

And when things happen you will be numb

The only thing you can do is sit with a tear in eyes which doesn't even roll out of your eye !

You will never believe it happened !

But ,

It will , trust me!!!

Wait for the day and blindly take a leap in your life !

28 June 2016

Found it ! Surprise .

So , yesterday was an off . We were at home this weekend . I went through few old albums of my parents , memories .

While having a look found this painting of mine which I did when I was in grade 6 .

My parents have collected the paintings that I did from the age of 3 . I love my parents for that .

This painting was a surprise indeed !!

I have learnt Sanskrit so , have wrote few lines above the painting .

Happy finding this piece and sharing with you all .

27 June 2016

2 Arts !

Today I dint do anything much . Did a painting in the morning , had lunch and then a doodle . Two different forms for the days .

So it's not everyday , but if I take the paint bag it's like this ! I just sit and paint without doing any work at home :)

Posting the pictures , let know what you feel .

Few flowers ...

Don't overthink ! 

26 June 2016

Two color bird !

This morning I had nothing much to do . Thought of doing some paint . Had two small boards . Yet to buy the bigger ones .

Had some left over colors . I dint have black,white,blue and green which are very important but. I just had yellow and red .

So this is an art that I did with these two colors !

A bird ! Fly fly ..

25 June 2016

Clay plans

Today is a  sweet home day !

Thinking of learning something new . I am always  fascinated about the miniatures . I collect miniature magnets to stick in the fridge . I love cooking and painting . How beautiful the vegetables and fruits are ? They are colorful .

When I was a kid I remember making clay models during the arts period . That's it after my school days I have not done any .

So now , decided to do something with clay . I don't like making the clay jewelry . Might be because many are doing it .

I will definitely do something different and post it here soon .

Naveen will be buying clay this evening !  I am exited .

So expect my clay work soon . 

24 June 2016

Potato green peas curry

It's not about the ingredients
Add some love in it ;)

So this is a 15 minute dish which I made .

-cut some onions,ginger and curry leaves
-boil some potatoes
-some frozen green peas

Heat some oil and add mustard seeds.
Add the boiled potatoes, onion , ginger, curry leaves and the green peas .
Then add the chili powder, turmeric powder and salt in it .
Add some water if you like it to be gravy !

That's the potato green peas curry !

23 June 2016

Rainbow hair !

My hair is like a tiny rainbow
It dances in the wind
I Keep my hair long
I Keep my head up
I Keep your heart strong !

22 June 2016


Last week when I visited the hospital I was too early . The doctor was yet to arrive .I dint find any use sitting in the waiting room . I went to a stationary shop nearby because that was the only shop open at that time .Wish it was India at least a tea shop would have been there ! :)

I found these pencils .Those good old school days . I had all the colors with me . I used to play with those nibs .

The kid inside me :) I bought two pencils .

I bought a pen stand also because it had some glitters and hearts inside . Loved it .

Did you like ? Remember these pencil ?

21 June 2016

Keiko and Fishy 🐳🌊

How many of you know Keiko? The Free willy movie hero !

I remember drawing pictures of keiko when I was a kid .I am still a super fan of keiko. Wish keiko was alive .I would have definitely visited him and taken a selfie :)

I always love fishes, elephants , Dolphins and whales ! 

I remember , I had an aquarium at home with so many colorful fishes.We had a well in our farm, but the fishes in it were not colorful but bigger ones .I remember going to the river and swimming . I used to play with the fishes . I never catch or hurt them . I feed them with bread, rice, or whatever I had .I have caught so many tadpoles in a bisleri bottle ;) but later free them off in the river itself .

Here in Dubai I have an aquarium too . Nearly 70 fishes . I just love watching them . Before I have dinner I feed them .Few black mole and guppy fishes are pregnant .Would be posting their pics soon .

I always wanted to live in the water , swim, dive and look beautiful !

I read so many books on seagull, Dolphins , whales and shark . The documentary of keiko is one of my favorite . Whenever I watch ,I get Tears . How beautiful keiko is ? That black shiny skin with glitters ,those beautiful fins ,small Teeths,pink tongue and the huge tail ! 

They could have left him in the wild sea itself . He would have been more happier and healthier and lived few more years ! ! 

Posting the documentary of keiko for you all <3 .You will definitely love keiko !! 

You never know how much I love them . I even bought a fishy few years ago . I still sleep beside fishy at night . Wherever I go I take fishy with me ! I have a bag in which I pack fishy while I travel .Collecting fish and whale pendants are one of my hobbies ! 

Posting a pic of my fishy as well . Hope you would love my fishy too <3

20 June 2016

My Sunny chair !

Most of the houses would have a dining table these days at least with 4 chairs . We have a 6 chair set but as we are only two the rest of the chairs are used only if guests come home .

This chair is mine . It's here I sit and eat watching television .Especially in the morning towards my chair alone I find the direct sun rays and I took advantage of it.

Morning once you wake up few feel some cold and like to be warm . I am one among them .The first thing I do is switch off the ac and go and sit in this chair .

I love getting the warm sun rays early in the morning !

Took a pic of it so thought of sharing .

19 June 2016

Tomato chutney

Last evening I was not well , hence thought of making an easy chutney so that can manage it with idly or dosa(south dishes) .

I took two washed tomatoes . Sliced it to cubes .

Kept oil in pan to heat,added the tomatoes and curry leaves to it . Then I added some mustard seeds, half table spoon of turmeric powder, salt for taste and one spoon of chili powder. Kept stirring until it became a thick paste .

Tomato chutney ready !

There are different ways of preparing it but this is the easiest and tastiest one !!

Try if interested .

Posting a pic of tomato chutney with idly !!

Many of my north Indian and friends from Toronto , U.S , London , Mexico , Kenya like this idly and dosa !

I actually don't like it much , I love salads !! Ha ha


Hello everybody , hope you all are doing great . So today while going through my blog thought of adding some reactions below the post .

I have added 4 reactions which are
-Happy reading

I own two blogs a personal and a travel blog .I have done this to both . Would be happy if you all opt what you feel so that I will also feel great about it .

Below are my blog links



18 June 2016

Wear and roam

So today evening after a movie , Naveen got me few accessories .
Surprise !!!
It's been a long time since I wore these silver jewelry . I am super happy about this . Planning to dress up next weekend and go out !

So this is what he bought for me .Its always like this from the lovey - dovey days . If he buys it's so much always and I end up asking why did you buy so much for me ?

His answer would be - a smile :)

17 June 2016

A thought

This is just a thought that popped in this morning !

If life is happiness ,

What are you missing ?

Post in your views !

15 June 2016


This is a random pic that I took while walking in my Apple iPod . I wonder looking at it . How did I ever click a good one ? It doesn't mean that I don't take good pics :) but still ...
It looks like slanting blocks and the blue sky !
I love this pic

Post in if you too liked it !

14 June 2016

Beauty !

There are always few myths on hair growth .
1. Does hair grow faster in summer ?
2. Does waxing reduce the thickness of hair growth ?
3. Does cutting hair help in hair growing faster ?
4. Does shaving cause harder hairs to grow ?

I personally believe hair grows faster in summer , waxing helps in reducing the thickness of hair and cutting your hair frequently doesn't help in having better hair .

I follow :

1. Wash my hair everyday
2. Won't comb my hair when it is wet
3. I don't use a dryer because it makes my hair rough
4. I don't put oil after hair wash because I get headache and I don't like oils from my childhood .
5. I comb my hair before sleep and once I wake up

P.S - I eat so much of fruits and vegetables . I run for two hours everyday .

What do you guys follow ?

Share your views . I would be exited to read because I love beautiful hair !

12 June 2016

Stay good

I am writing this out of my own experience . We normally think our younger ones or our kids will understand us . Yes , they do but not all times . These days kids are not like us . They get hurt very soon . They are very sensitive .
When you talk to them you can't find it out but actually they can't even take a single harsh word .

Experiences differ , I am writing few of my views here

Few things that I never do .

1. Never talk to them about money .
2. Don't tell them when I get time I will come and see you
3. Never ask them too much of questions as our parents did to us . Few kids tell you everything few don't but they keep it good .
4. Never tell them your friend is bad .
5. Please don't tell , understand the difficulty of us and behave .

Few things that I do

1. I say your friends are awesome and enquire about them
2. I ask what you want and send pictures via what's app so that they select and buy it for them
3. I always say will I ever leave you like that ?
4. I always wish them good morning , good evening and good night though it seems to be silly and many times I don't get a reply .
5. I never blame or talk bad about others because that will create a negative impression on me . They will know it one day
6. Always ask what did you eat ?
7. I never expect them to ask me how is my life ?
8. Whenever I see them I buy gifts for them.
9. Most of all I never say ,when I have money will buy for you
10. Whenever I talk to them I talk only good things .

These are few things I could pen down for now . There are many .

For me I don't mind what I go through . End of the day I want my dear ones to be happy . It doesn't mean I am older hence I am always correct .
There is no wrong if you  adjust for your loved ones . After all they are yours .
They too will get old one day !
They will definitely know what you went through ! You need not say .

11 June 2016


' If someone is crying or sad about something please don't go and ask what happened ? Why why why ! And make them cry more '

A person who is sad will have millions of reasons . In a single why they can't answer you or can explain what they feel . Simple as that . Don't try to squeeze the answers you want from them . If you ever do this there is no point you being alive .

If you are ever asking them why you seem to be dull ? Why are you upset ? There is nobody else who can hurt them more than you .

If they let you know the reason that's great or else don't do a questionnaire session with them .

Leave them alone ! That's all they need
They are normal ! After all we are all humans . Don't find happiness in others tears .

P.S - I don't cry , doctors have doubted whether I have tear glands :)) 

10 June 2016

Inner self

"Silence is golden "

Silence is golden only when your inner self  is also silent . 

This is what I learnt today from an elderly uncle . It was an advice to me through a phone call .

Only by being silent you can change yourself and the inner self can be in peace . Only if the inner self is silent you can lead a stress less life . What a great advice it is !!!

At times you need people to advice you . It boosts you a lot and you can start your day fresh . So I have taken up this advice and I am in search of the inner peace !

Silence can change the world !! 

8 June 2016


So let me write something about people today.
It's very difficult to predict how a person is .People like me get to know easily but few get hurt and learn.

Pointing few of my observations .

1. People who think what they say is correct . They try to force their ideas on you . These kind of people would have done some help for you some day and they want your life to be as they decide . For me , you have to stop talking to these people immediately and come out of their relationship . Never go at back of them at any cost .

2. People would have helped you at some point of your life . They tell to everybody that because of them only you are alive . These kind of people are also of no use . If you have the patience to deal say ok it's because of you I am alive :) and move on or else fight for your point .

3. There are few who talk very well to you , the sugar or honey coated talks , never believe them . They will dip your life in hot sauce .

4. These people help you and never tell others what they did for you . They just help you grow and let you live your life . These are the best kind of people and it's rare that you see them . If you have someone like this in your life cherish them .

5. There are few who just wish good for you being far away . They talk well when you meet them and leave the rest there are move forward . These kind of people are 1 in a million . Cherish them .

If you have met any other variety :)post in here so that I will also get to know they exist :)

7 June 2016

Don't act your age !

The more I get old the kid in me shows its face !
They say you get serious when you get old but I don't feel I am.
But that's ok :)
To be honest we all have so many problems with our families and society . But it's just that we all try to be happy whenever we are able to be .
At times it great to be yourself and do what you like !
You never grow old , it's people who make you feel so .

I don't see any good acting my age !!!

Now a days we all need peace , we are happy even if nobody invites or calls us . We don't consider the centiments , everything is good until people don't disturb . People are ok with staying far in peace.

6 June 2016

Unfinished beauty

As I always say painting is a relationship with colors.I love painting and I don't do it often . But I always have the boards and paints in stock .

The most beautiful memory that I have of my painting is when I went for a wedding ! I gifted my friend a big frame . But his dad dint believe it's a frame ! He said I know it's a painting of yours ! I think by now he would have opened it and knew it's not a painting and it's a frame .

Anyhow , planning to gift him a painting of  mine on my next vacation .

When I paint I always take pictures of how it goes . At some point if I feel it looks beautiful half way . I stop it there .

Thought of posting few of the unfinished paintings of mine !

I find some meaning and beauty in it ? Do you ?

5 June 2016

Love counts !

The board exam results were published few weeks ago in India . Got to watch a talk show yesterday in the television . Most of the students were toppers of the state .
All the private school students were on one side and government schools students on the other side .
There were so many things they spoke , it was a two hour show .
What I found interesting and heart touching was when the anchor asked how did you celebrate your marks ? What gifts did you receive for scoring good marks ?

The private school students were all gifted a smart phone , gold chain , eating, two wheeler what not ? The most irritating for me was the bmw car .

The government school students were all so sweet , their celebration was distributing a sweet box and eating a grilled chicken in the hotel . How sweet is that . They also had their neighbors who bought them gifts, their teachers who bought them some books as gifts .I just loved the way they celebrated .

I understand that it differs . But I always believe it's not about money it's all about near and dear ones

Even a tight kiss from your parents are enough !!!

What was the most difficult?

I guess most of you have a linked account .Can also be called the job hunt website .
People who have a job are on the safer side . They can have a proper tag line . There are many job seekers in this world including me .
I find so many tag lines like looking for an opportunity, better prospects, looking out for a job, available. I have never got impressed with these tag lines .

With 8 years of experience across the industry I decided to look out for better jobs . Having a tag line was the most difficult task . You got to impress employers as well as stay unique . If not , you will be one among the bunch , which I hate .

Atlast I ended up with a unique tag line !!

Feeling happy !

Have you gone through the same phase ?? What was the most difficult phase while searching for a job? Was it going out in the sun or preparing an impressive resume ??

4 June 2016

No to ego!

Yesterday while going through Internet I got to see this wallpaper .
It was so real and wonderful . Isn't it ?
We all have a big family with so many cousins but still because of someone many relationships are lost . You never know each other , you never see , you never talk , you never smile . But that's how few things are . Can't be changed .
If you can really change your mind and feel you need all then, try to be good . You always need people . That's called family ! Leave your ego , you have so many brothers and sisters .
Love life and live happy ! That's all that you need ...

2 June 2016

Eating a tongue ???

I never knew cooking before getting married.After I got married I realised my husband loves food and I love him :) hence learnt cooking with the help of watching cookery shows, and you tube for everything .

Myself, being a vegetarian love  watching  all kind of cookery shows .
Today in food network channel , I saw a show named chopped . It's all about four contestants and they  have 3 rounds . In each round each person would be chopped (eliminated)

In the first round , they were given the beef tongue . I was shocked looking at it , I thought it would be a piece of flesh cut in the shape of a tongue . I did a Google search immediately and got to know it is the cow tongue !!!! Do people eat the tongue of a cow ??? Can't even imagine. 

Chicken and fish still manageable but a cow tongue !!! 

Has anybody of you ate it ? How does it taste ? 

Post in your views . 

1 June 2016

Ditched fishtail 🐠

I love growing hair but in Dubai it doesn't grow much due to the water .
I was bored and started plating my hair . I tried the fishtail braid . Then I thought many friends of mine don't  know to do it ,how can they cheat a fishtail ? So that they can easily try it .
This is how it looked like . Doesn't it look like a real fish braid !

Post in your views . Do you try different styles with your hair ? 

The kid .

Not finding much of time with so much to do at home . Meanwhile , I took a summer painting class at Chennai for a month. Thought of teachin...