3 July 2013

No Heading

  • Don't hang out with them very much. If there are no other kids to hang out with maybe you could talk to some of the adults, watch TV, or even listen to your mp3 player. Socializing with an annoying relative a lot will not solve your problem.
  • If your parents don't care, make some other plans with your friends, to get away from your relative Although, you might be visiting your cousins in another state.
  • Try to be nice to your cousins, but do not act extremely welcoming and pleased with them.
  • At restaurants, sit by somebody else, and at places like the zoo, try staying with your parents, instead of the relative !!
  • Don't hurt them.
  • Be careful with what you say - Sometimes when you are angry with your sibling you can say very hurtful things to your sibling making him or her want to annoy you even more. Yelling is not the way to deal with them. Try using very nice calm words to them
  • The only reason that your sibling is annoying you is to get a reaction from you.By not showing a reaction you will show your sibling that you are stronger than they think. Do not get mad at them and yell or scream. This will show your sibling that you are easy to set off and they will just keep persistently annoying you.
  • Handle your feelings - Don't take out your anger on them! Never get physical either! These are two of the absolute worst things you can do. If you are really upset with them, try to talk to them using a nice, calm voice and gentle words. This can be very hard to do for you. If you are unable to do this, try drawing a picture of your sibling and ripping it up. This does not harm them but does get your anger out. Just don't let your sibling see that you ripped the picture up; this could damage their feelings.
  • Sometimes you can feel like they are just pinpointing this whole thing on you.
  • Talk - This type of problem can affect the whole family. I suggest trying a family meeting. In this meeting only one person can talk at one time. That person should be holding a special object to tell he others it is their turn to speak. If someone disagrees with another's opinion, discuss it and come up with a few conclusions to solve the problem. Also, try to do some more family things
  • If your sibling keeps annoying you, tell them straight to their face exactly how you feel. At this time do not be afraid to yell, but swearing and insults HAVE to be avoided or this could get worse. Hopefully this will intimidate your cousin,and tell them that you will not tolerate this any longer!!
  • Mind your feelings. Your cousins are living people too! Imagine how you would feel if you were them. This can help you choose your words more carefully. But don't result to violence. Violence can get very serious, starting with just the lightest "high 5 to the face" can turn into a big problem!!! 
  • If your Cousins will NOT STOP, and your parents can't stop them either, maybe your cousin is having some emotional troubles. You can also talk. 
  •  If all else fails then just ignore them. Trust me, just lock yourself in your room. And they will go away.

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