27 January 2017

Name it !

As I am not going out much , few things that I do are reading , drawing and some art works . Then I eat and sleep and do a bit of gardening . Hence you got to manage with my art for few more days :) because I don't like writing book reviews ! Hope you all liked this sketch too !

Would like to know few names for this sketch.

23 January 2017

Change !

If you want your life to CHANGE drastically, YOU will need to drastically.

Change your habits.
Change your friends.
Change your daily routine.
Change the way you entertain yourself.
Change what you're obsessed about.
Change who you listen to.

Change before it's too late.  

20 January 2017

16 January 2017

Rainy night !

Whenever me and Naveen visit India we have a habit of sitting in the balcony after dinner looking at the sky , stars, the empty roads and enjoying the breeze . Most of the time we would buy ice creams and store it in the fridge so that we enjoy eating it sitting in the balcony . We put our mobiles on charge and move out .

So one day we decided to eat some pistas instead of ice cream and I collected all those shells because we had a lovely conversation on that particular day !

After so many months with those shells this is what I ended up making . Planning to frame this and hang it on the wall .

That was a rainy night with no current and so many mosquitoes ;)

14 January 2017

Pongal doodle

I really don't want to write what pongal is . A Google search would answer I thought .

I couldn't manage to draw a rangoli this year , the best way I found is to do one in my drawing book . A doodle with the complete pongal feelings ! Drawing the bull took some time indeed . It was a great pongal for me with yellow pongal, sweet pongal and vadai . Hope you all had great time too .

Here is my doodle !

8 January 2017

Leaf lady !

When I visit India I get to see all types of insects cockroach, lizards, housefly,snakes, worms, spider what not ?

But this time there is something new and that's a grasshopper . I think it's a sofa hopper :) every evening she visits me and somehow gets into my room . I have no clue from where it comes .
Looks absolutely stunning in green and when I told no one believed . I took a selfie with her ( not posting it ) .

Here is a pic of her !

Why does she come everyday ? What do you think ?

1 January 2017


New year is always an excitement . When I was small it was all about new dress and home made yummy food which my mom cooks . Even now I make sure on new year I wear a new dress , prepare delicious food with a sweet and prayers at home . This is a must!
As days pass by and I grow older I feel resolutions are no good, roaming around is not for me , calling everybody and wishing , no ! Spending money on whatever I see no !

Now all that I think is to be more patient , talk less , spend for what is required in my life , eat healthy and sleep peacefully . Might be I am too young but that's still fine .

You all are in my prayers , stay blessed !

Happy new year to you all .

The kid .

Not finding much of time with so much to do at home . Meanwhile , I took a summer painting class at Chennai for a month. Thought of teachin...