25 September 2016

Adyantha prabhu!

Navarathri or Dasara is one of the most celebrated festival in India . It's a time of enjoyment . I love being in India during this time . I love decorating and inviting people home . The best part is everyday is like a red carpet !

This time I went to buy some idols and happened to see this one . Half ganapathy and half hanuman . I asked the shop guy , what idol is this ? He said its "Adhyantha prabhu".

I decided to do a google search and know what is it all about . Posting what I read for you all .

What begins has to end. This is nature. If there is one thing that has no beginning or end it is Almighty. If there is one thing that is beginning and/or end in its self it is Aadhyanta Prabhu Almighty. That is why we pray to Almighty by invoking His name thus: adi, aanadi, antham, anantham, anthadi. Whenever we begin anything we offer our prayers to Vignesh, the deity who protects from all hindrances, hence Vignesh. When the things are achieved ie., Jayam we thank the deity Hanuman and conclude. This is observed in all our endeavors, even in offering daily prayer rule is no exception. There was an intuition on a fine day that in this temple both these two peerless deities (Vignesh and Hanuman) are seen as one like that of Sri Ardhanareeswara an amalgam of Siva and Sakthi, and Sri Shankaranarayanar an amalgam of Siva and Narayana.

The very conception of the fusion of Vinayaka and Anjaneya forms in one icon has a great esoteric significance . It is fortified by the truth of the oft-quoted adage -.begin with Piliayar and end up with Anjaneya, being dinned at the ears of peoplemore often than not. The unique sight of the amalgamation of two potent and highly worshipful deities, invariably sends such thrills in the spines of the viewers that they raise their hands in veneration unknown to themselves.  Needless to emphasise, that prayers offered to this archamurti fetches double benefits, like two flowers obtained at a single pick.


  1. Thanks for the very informative post. Some historians say God is the creation of Roman kings to bring discipline to ordinary common citizens. May be Roman kings copied the concept of God from India.

    1. Never knew the Roman part . Will do some research .

  2. Something new to me but interestingly explained

    1. Thank you ! It was very much new to me also . I guess before navarathri I will find more interesting news .


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