18 December 2011

We call them SISTERS but they have done more than MOTHERS !

-AMRI Fire accident -

Nurses never get well paid in  India. This is a profession that is looked down always .Other than the poor families in Kerala and some other parts of the country, nobody will send their educated daughters into this profession.They think that if the family is not financially good they can send their daughter/son for nursing so that they can bring up their family somehow.They never realize the value and great service which a nurse does.They get paid less for the great work which they do. The IT professionals  get paid good salaries compared to others profession's in India. The nurses get shouted at by the doctors and the patients' relatives but still they stay patient enough and save us . Yet  two of them are being recognized by this incident for their selfless service who belong to the gods own country.
I wish hereafter Nurse's should not be looked down .Please realize that they are more than mothers for this world....
These two people are a symbol of highest values of young India .
None can pay off for their Commitment and Self Sacrifice !!!

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