4 January 2012

116 Surprise on Jan5'12

I had a phone call today morning from NK at 5 AM and he told me to come downstairs and he is waiting with a surprise..I really felt difficult to get up from the bed as i slept only at 4.00 AM.I went downstairs and found him with a landmark cover .I told him to give it to me but then he told that he cant give it now and both of us together went to a coffee shop .There we opened the cover and there was the surprise -A big pink colour album and 116 fotos of mine in a cover-It striked my head that it was an album selected by me when we friends  together went out.He just told me to select an album which i liked and at the end i got it in my hand.To be true when i went through the photos i realized that there are many photos in that box which i dint have-I was hell suprised-my eyes were full of tears and i was blushing ..
Its the most surprising gift i had!!
I came back home and took 2 hours to time to arrange the Photos in the Big pink Album.
It was wonderfull to see my face in all the slots of an album...
Its such a great gift-Life time in my heart....
Anyhow i lost all my sleep because of happiness-Time to go for work..!!!!!

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