4 December 2016

Stay calm

So I am on vacation and nothing much to write . There is one thing I learnt this vacation and that is

The best way to treat few humans  is to keep silent or else you will lose your peace .

Out of all , there is one more thing - if you have lost interest on something or someone that's the end .Gone is gone ! Avoiding something in your life is very difficult for a human . Nobody will do it that easily unless they are hurt or done with it .If you ever learn to let go things that's the best thing you are doing to yourself . You save your energy, time, happiness, peace , thoughts !

So know what to do when and stay happy in life ! You have only one life and love it with positive and happy people ! If you feel you are surrounded by negativity try being positive by reading books, painting, watching birds, going for a walk or whatever you like and it will definitely help you . 


  1. True! Sustaining with hurt keeps us only going deep… avoiding or taking things at easy by nature will help. I think everyone has some problem to deal, but smiling and doing things that keep us cheers is must to lead life to fullest.

    Enjoy the holidays in joyful and peace :)

    1. That's a positive view . Thank you . And I learned this from Naveen . I actually was not like this but getting used to it now .

  2. If the shoe does not fit, throw it away.

    1. Absolutely! But i m surprised that you remember me posting this comment once on locomente! Ha ha


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