7 August 2018

Our Chennai wall

So here are few of the art works that I did while tungli is sleeping .I do wish to sleep but I don't get it that soon so I keep doing these.People who fall asleep in seconds are blessed .

So this is a yellow dreamcatcher . Thought of doing a white one but if it gets dirty i will feel sad so did a yellow one.I have currently hanged it in our hall .Tungli loves this .If she cries I show this .jing jing jing :)

This one is the golden peace tree . I have a tree painting in my dubai house .I think you all should have seen it in my previous blog . I strongly believe in seeing a tree once I wake up, a happy feeling  .I got this black chart for making a wall hanging but ended up with this tree . This is the golden glittery peace tree . It's in our bedroom ♡

This one took a lot of time. An embroidery with few flowers . Just a part of it is here.  It's a big deal to keep the needles safe having tungli at home .

So this one was made with chocobar ice cream sticks . The colours have a story which is 28.4.17 .Count the coloured sticks ☆. So on top of tungli S date of birth I have written with glitter pens . As there is no space in the main door I put it on the bedroom door .

I think you all liked these . Post in your comments.

Which one did you like the most ?

Here comes our daughter's first painting . I have framed it ♡♡♡♡.


  1. Wonderful works of art. You are talented.

  2. I have one (dreamcatcher) above my cot and I believe it works.
    This is the first time I get to see one with a single colour, and yellow is my fav colour :-)

  3. They're lovely. I think my favorite is the embroidery. I'm sorry you can't fall asleep. I used to have that same problem.


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