5 October 2011

Fractured tears -healing

I guess that you all would have read "Fractured tears".Ben returned back today ..I was busy doing my work.I sit in the entrance of my floor .You can even say that i am the "Face of my floor"but still i did not notice him..All of a sudden when i got up i saw ben standing with a black Shirt and blue faded Jeans and a band-aid which was pink and white in colour  ..I felt to shout BEN!but my floor people will say shooooooo!!!hence i could not show my feelings out .I controlled and waited for him to come and tell a Hai ...He went to everyone and gave explanations for all the questions which they asked ..But i noticed that many did not even have a heart to tell him a hai or to ask how are you ?Heartless people..
Here comes He went to that girl and was speaking for a long time .Again my head went on asking why he went to her first?what to do ?my bludy brain works like that !!
I told him to wait so that i can take a break and spend some time with him ..People are all laughing at him and asking hell out questions they dont understand that he cant talk much as the teeth is clipped .not even one is good enough to say take care ...
Anyhow at the end i managed to take a 30 minutes break with a tea..we went to open air theatre and spent some good time .He showed the fotographs which were taken when he was in hospital,Then came the question ..What am i for you ?Actually i did not have an answer .As i mentioned i already have a boyfriend but then i care so much for ben that i cant say how much i like him??Some feelings cant be expressed .....
He is leaving home tommorow
Hope he will be back to form sooon..
Atleast if he was in chennai i could have met him but he is travelling long way i have to wait until he comes back .
Still will make sure that he is Happy !!!!! have promised ben that once he is back we will go to church
He laughed ..heeeeeee..yu comming to church ??
I normally tell that i will come out but then all weekends i stay back home washing clothes and cleaning my room

But this time without fail.......


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