18 October 2011

I am paid to be sweet!

I am a person who talks a lot or you can call me as a chatterbox.When i was in school everyday my mum and dad comes and stands in front of my school principal..something or else ..i was very mischevious.Even now when i go home they say -can you please shut your mouth for sometime...whom ever i see will be become my friend ..from a dustbin collector to anyone let it be.I worked for an organization for 2.5 years .I had a very nice team of 22 .All of my same age group.I was into customer service..All the customers were my friend they call and ask for my help.I even have few who has sent me gifts.Life was so beautifull.I go to office at early morning 1 AM like a ghost and return back in the sun..when i return home i find people rushing to office..At that time i think will i get a day where i get ready in the morning and go to office -at least one day in my life time.Its very tough to get day shift in a customer service field.Eventough i  was piad less and worked without sleep i was happy that i got many people around me and i managed to gather many good friends..There were days where i sleep in the chair in my office and have breakfast at 4AM in the morning standing with a plate in a local shop which is next to my office/I participated in all team outings/We had Dj nights for new year in my office/Singing competitions and goes on like that .I have got outstanding scores for 6 times and i was promoted as a complaints manager .All the calls we receive will be the most pathetic one for the day where the customers will be so irate and i have to be very Patient ....
I learned how to be patient after going into customer service field ..My parents were so happy to see me like that as when i was a small girl i was  short tempered .If i throw an orange on the wall you can collect a good amount of orange Juice!!!
I love speaking English and i love speaking to english people as well..
I loved my job !!
I did not have any issues with my company other than the salary..
I decided to move out of the company .I was the 2nd to join the new team.Then it became 5 in a team..while comparing the previous company count it was less here and even the work floor space was lessI thought that i had a good team of 22 so for sure i can make these 5 as my best friends,which never happened  ....Eventhough i did the same sort of job which i did in my previous company the work place was tough for me ..I could not sync up with people ...I was discouraged and put behind..which makes me totally sick ...I never felt to come to my floor .I dont join any team functions or celebrations .i dont party ..Nothing -i come to work take calls and leave for the day ..People were so partial each other ..i was not recognized in any way .Then day by day i even stopped talking to people.I tried myself to be good and make them my friend but then that never happened ,i dont know why?I dont understand how they rate a person in my workplace ..
When i left my previous company my Team leader told that you will learn many things when you go out of this place .I realize the meaning of that statement now.
I myself know that i am worthy enough- but the people with me dont understand that !!its a lose for them not for me...
I’ve been a success since Day 1, because even when i was Zero i had people around me
 I will always provide good customer service
I came to a conclusion that -I am paid for being as sweet as honey to the customers not to others hence i just do my work !!!!!
Always work for your  heart not for money !!!

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  1. You have told me all these and its easy to say i understand but should go thorough all these to know the pain...dont worry.., keep your chin up...You will have a great happy and colorful future....:) love u,always :)


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