5 June 2015

20 Worst and Lovable days

Does anybody know how chicken pox feels like ..We know :)
They say that chicken pox is one of the worst disease ever,its air borne ,you cant eat drink etc etc.All these seemed like a story until we got it .

It started off with his temperature of 104 degree Celsius, Vomiting ,headache wherein he tells when he bents down he could feel a 20 kg iron bar in his head or all the parts of the brain are falling down .I managed giving him the normal fever tablets and he slept off .

Next day  morning he found a small pimple in his chest which had some pus and it was surrounded red in color .We thought it would be some allergy or infection.He couldn't wear even a single cloth over his body I managed to get a taxi and took him to hospital .As he dint have cold the doctor told that it might be typhoid and gave him 3 injections via vein and some tablets and told to visit the next day .I dint sleep the whole day looking at him .

It was just in 10 to 15 minutes he got it over the whole body .His complete body was covered by pox and he couldn't even pee or sit on the commode.The doctor confirmed that its chicken pox and he can be normal with oil free diet and have hot water bath .

I doubted it and told him not to bath.I know its weird but i dint want him to bath scratch and make it more over the body .It started from head till the feet .He couldn't walk or even lift a jug of water as he had it in palm as well.For everything he wanted me next to him.

He had to sleep in a cotton bedspread as it would hurt him.For a whole week we dint switch on the AC as it will  increase the heat in the body and the pox might aggravate.

I gave him only starch water to drink and some fresh fruits .Even i followed the same diet and from the 7th day it started healing and by the 10th day he was fine.

Next day i made a chilly chutney with some hot idly's.WOW !!!!.

2 days happily past away and then it jumped on me .

Now he knows how to take care of me and did an awesome job .

Even though we were sick we enjoyed the most of it. ....

So the only thing that we could do is take care of each other and keep talking ...:)

We did feel proud of our self and we both are perfectly fine now .

Tips For chicken pox :Self Experience

Do not bath for 7 days.be yaak!

Wear only a towel ,obviously you wont feel to wear clothes :)

Dont have food with chilli and oil.Control your tongue .

Dont watch TV and use mobile as it will cause pain for your eyes and ears.

Sleep in a cotton bed spread .

Have lots of water 

Need some yummy Food :)Our dead tongue woke up !

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