10 June 2015

Unlucky Kids

This morning when i switched on the TV the channel which showed up made me write something for all.There were two anchors a boy and a girl who were nicely dressed with a  mike.They have visited an old age home and asking the mums over there how they feel?I never wanted to see the program as i was sure that i would cry ,but still i was curious to know how it was to be there.They interviewed 3 ladies and here goes their story .
The first lady was looking very old and looking cute .A very sweet lady .When asked about how she reached the old age home -she said that she is 87 years old and  her husband died and nobody took care of her as she dint have kids .Her parents passed away long time back and someone on the streets left her in the old age home.She was quite happy as she has many other friends over there .But i could feel that she feels bad that she doesn't have kids.She mentioned to the anchors that they are like her kids and to visit her frequently.

The second lady was so fragile and very low.She was wearing a red saree and sitting in her bed.When the anchors went to her she dint respond properly as its only 1 month since she is there and she dint like the place much .She really dint want to talk to any .The truth is that if she opens her mouth to talk she would definitely burst out .Her eyes said so much.She has two sons who live in Dubai with their family and as they couldn't take care of her and left her in the old age home.She dint want to talk  any thing more .One thing i noticed was she hugged both the anchors and kissed them
I felt bad for their kids.Unlucky kids !

The third lady was such a sweet heart .Should say that she was wearing so much of gold.She was 89 years old.She said that she is from a rich family .She had all the money but no humans around.She has 4 kids who are settled abroad and they left her there 2 years back.Nobody has visited her since.When asked about her young age days she just smiled and that meant everything .

There ends the show with teary eyes !

Wish no one in this world should be in an old age home !

Should say that all the three were waiting for someone to visit them with all the love in the world :)

The best moms and unlucky kids !

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