17 November 2016

Circuit !

Sometimes when you sit at home , without talking to anyone there are so many thoughts coming in .  how nice life was or how nice it is going to be ? Can it be like this ? Like that? What's next ? Will this be the condition always ? So many things flashes in your head .
Such a circuit passed through my head as well !
I drew whatever came in and connected them in the way I want !
A circuit designed by me !


  1. I have read this post. I am very clearly confused by this circuit design.

    1. It's because I m in india . When I come hear the circuit will be like this . Chances that it gets worst :) . Once I reach Dubai shall draw a circuit n post and I am sure that circuit will be cool !

  2. This is very interesting and so much to observe... glad u able to depict you many thoughts someways.


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