9 November 2016

What did I do ?

So while I was waiting to see trump or Hilary ?

There came a flash news: 500 's and 1000 notes can't be used henceforth ! Banks and ATMs won't work for two days . I was left with two 500 rupee note . That's all !!

So what did I do ?

I had people sending me this news , videos and meme to my what's app ! Really got pissed off. This is why I don't get into the group what's app tradition .

Secondly, my relatives called me to advice me

Third , whichever channel I see people screaming and shouting about the same thing .

Fourth, gold rate has increased  , if you want to change your jewellery sell it now shilpa !

I saw my neighbors yapping , my relatives complaining about this, few were saying this is too bad . 1000s of phone calls at home.

What did I do ?

All the shops were closed . The road was quite . Nobody was at home . All went out in search of change .

I was the happiest ! Wow what a peace if I am left alone at home .

First thing I did - took a 500 rupee note and kept it in my currency collection , and that's for my kid . I would say when I went India once this happened and show him/ her the old 500 rupee note .

I made a yummy bisi bele bath with cauliflower , carrot, potato, and cashews. Made a gooseberry salad to add beauty to tummy ! Ate nicely !! Yum

Slept in the afternoon , made a good cup of coffee !

The best part out of all is , people at home asked me can you give me coins ? And I did . My coin collection helped them . I have te habit of collecting coins in naveens perfume bottle and that was a life saver for many . Never under estimate the power of coins ! !

Posting the pic of my coffee , lunch and coins !!!

Btw, trump won !!


  1. Your friends and relatives who called you and messaged in panic they don't know about you as well as I do. I am the only one who know all your money is safely in a Swiss bank account. That is why you had only 2 Indian 500 rupee notes.

    I have a question. In this panic mode to exchange the rupees urgently in the banks, why would they ask you for coins?

    1. Swiss bank ? Lol
      If so I will never collect coins . Yea people could only take coins out . Even for 100 or 50 there was no change .
      I had only two 500 because I spent all my money in hospital . Probably after 3-4 days I will check what can be done .

  2. Replies
    1. Ha ha haaaa !!! Yes naveeen . Got to be careful !! :)

  3. Oh! Thanks for reminding me the piggy bank that I really forget which hold number of coins... let me check out.


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