Leaf lady !

When I visit India I get to see all types of insects cockroach, lizards, housefly,snakes, worms, spider what not ?

But this time there is something new and that's a grasshopper . I think it's a sofa hopper :) every evening she visits me and somehow gets into my room . I have no clue from where it comes .
Looks absolutely stunning in green and when I told no one believed . I took a selfie with her ( not posting it ) .

Here is a pic of her !

Why does she come everyday ? What do you think ?


  1. I think she likes coming because you have a safe, friendly place. She gives you a compliment!

    1. Ya my room is safe and cool but not the house . My house is on a main road where you have to broom the house thrice a day . It doesn't have a garden , I just have three flower pots , my house is on the first floor !
      But she still comes inside

  2. This is a beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing. Garden creatures that enter your home are supposed to bring good fortune.

  3. nice capture on the leafy species… I don’t know why she come every day, but seems to like you. I have seen such a grasshopper

    1. Might be some goddess :) like the parrot , a grasshopper


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