16 January 2017

Rainy night !

Whenever me and Naveen visit India we have a habit of sitting in the balcony after dinner looking at the sky , stars, the empty roads and enjoying the breeze . Most of the time we would buy ice creams and store it in the fridge so that we enjoy eating it sitting in the balcony . We put our mobiles on charge and move out .

So one day we decided to eat some pistas instead of ice cream and I collected all those shells because we had a lovely conversation on that particular day !

After so many months with those shells this is what I ended up making . Planning to frame this and hang it on the wall .

That was a rainy night with no current and so many mosquitoes ;)


  1. A rainy night that is worth remembering.. will now be cherished for a lifetime... Hats off to ur creativity...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you . This is the best I could do with the available water colors and my sticker pottu :)

  3. A personal, wonderfully creative piece of art! Beautiful, Shilpa!

  4. Beautiful and would be memorable for sure :)



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