14 March 2017

Jasmine love everyday !

Most of the things I do now was learnt when I was a kid . I remember when I visit India on my vacations we had a big farm with so many trees and flowering plants . One among them were jasmine . Oh the love for jasmine is still there ! I used to pluck those 10-15 flowers and tie it in a thread . Not so good but yea I try to bring it together everyday , that's how I learnt to tie the flowers . I remember , before tiring flowers my mother used to make paper flowers and give it to me . I sit and keep practicing .

What a great mother she has been !

Now, When I visit India I make sure someone brings me jasmine everyday . I found a lady in chennai who comes everyday at 3 pm and shouts Amma poo !!!! I go down and buy it . She keeps shouting until she sees me .

During tea time I sit in a cushioned chair and get the flowers together !

So , at any cost I make sure until I am in India I have the Jasmine everyday . I know I won't get it once I leave this place .

Making the best memories in my life !

If my mom would have not taught me the small things in life I would have not known all these beautiful things in my life !!

This is a picture of the Jasmine I tied . I love doing it with a green thread , rather than white .


  1. Jasmine. Vani Jayaram's very first Tamil movie song comes to my mind. Malligai en mannan mayangum ponnaana malarallavo.

    1. But mannan is in Dubai and I am here :(
      Mannan will be coming next month :)

  2. Years back flowers used to be tied with fibre (vaza naar) from banana tree and I remember my mom used to send us to the Poo Kaar to get some fibre when she forget to get along with jamine or kanagamparam. I feel the fibre gave more fresh look to flowers than one tied with thread.

    my grandmother, mom, aunts all used to tie flower...you too done neatly.

    1. I see only big maalai tied in vazhanar at chennai . Yea even in my home town I remember they tieing malli poo with naar. I thought green thread is better than white so I am doing with green . Thanks for reminding me the vaazha naar . I will try if I get one .

  3. jasmine is such a lovely flowers! these little things make life b'ful in our country :)

  4. How beautiful! And what a lovely tribute to your mom, Shilpa!


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