18 June 2017

What ?

What ?

I knew the Mother's Day for a long time but yesterday out of my busy schedule I saw few  Father's Day update . 

Well , I am someone who doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day because I believe everyday is filled with love . I don't think there is exception for mother/ father/ sister/ mil/sil day . 

Dude, a day can't give you anything . A day is a day and who so ever cannot be changed . It's like the tap policy . Can't be changed . 

Stay happy with the family God has blessed you with . 

The world knows who is your who ?
And even if the world doesn't , it should no way bother . 

Let relations and love stay within you .

Hope I make a little sense . 

Post in your views . 


  1. We love our parents every day. Mother's Day was established to honor the mother and motherhood. Same is Father's Day. But, nowadays, they have become too commercial.

  2. Indeed! A day could not define everything and father or mother, they are our lifetime celebrity

  3. Great thoughts indeed. I hope you are well, warm greeting to you!

    1. Thank you . Was thinking long time not seen you . Hope u r well .


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