30 May 2018

The kid .

Not finding much of time with so much to do at home . Meanwhile , I took a summer painting class at Chennai for a month. Thought of teaching what I know to the kids . I realized that teaching is not an easy job . I had to be very patient enough with the kids . They were all below 7 years of age . They have No idea about the colours or how to use the brush . This is all fine .

There are so many things that I observed in the parents.I normally love observing than talking .

Particularly I am mentioning few behaviours here which are not that great towards a kid .

1. Never slap you kid .Slapping them won't help in any way .

Instance - his mother lied to me and he told me it' a lie so she slapped him in front of me .

2.Never keep scolding your child at your home .

Instance - when painting he started crying .When asked he said his mum keeps beating him at home .

3.Trust you kid .I am.not saying kids wont lie but at first you need to listen to them and then secondly comes the lie or whatever .

4.Never make a scene in front of your kid like crying , telling to make a promise on mother etc .Typical Indian mothers at times .

5.Never talk bad about the father at any cost .You never know what he goes through at his work place and how he sends the money to you . Learn to run a family happily with the money he gives . He has a better sense than you .

6.Give some respect to the father in front of the kid .What you tell about his dad is what he learns and continues.

7.When you leave the kid in a class , please leave him and go . Do not talk or put your nose into  other families personal affairs . Behave•

8.Never degrade an other kid . Every kid and every painting is great .

The kids are spoiled only because of the mothers attitude . At least the ones who came for my classes.

End result was .

We wish we had a mom like you who never scolds or slaps us at home . This might seem funny but actually not .

Please try to sit and talk with them .You have to sacrifice everything to bring up a good human being.  Not easy !!

Few never know the value of a child . They would have got it easily . For people like me who got one after 5 years and left 8 years of working experience all these shows how pathetic few parents are .

Post in your views .


  1. You're right overall! Moms are the first role model of children and they are almost responsible for their behavior pattern, and if non mom who can bring the difference although father has equal responsibility.


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