13 May 2018


Today being the mothers day and as it's been some time since i wrote a blog thought of writing few things that I know in my life.

Firstly I don't believe in posting a picture of my mother on Facebook because she is there within and I need not do it because everybody does it .

Whatever I do I think of my mother and 're think if she was alive what she would have done and then continue .

To my mother whom I lost when I was 14 , you are so badly missed by us .
We could never find you in any other person After your death you know that I dint cry and I don't know why .
But , many times I immensely feel sad that you are no more .
There are days when I wanted you with me There are days when I wanted to see you and touch but I know I can't.
Though I have seen your characters in different people in different situations as a whole you can never be replaced .
Though I don't cry or talk about you to others in a corner of my heart I get hurt because of others in someway and think how beautiful it would have been if you were there .
People can say she is like your mother but there is so much difference between like and your.
Let all the mothers stay long life and the world be happy .
A daughter needs her mother all the time .

Sometimes I wish I had the internet connection to heaven .

Love you Amma ♡


  1. Aww... Such a heartfelt post... Am sure Tungli is no one but your own mother... She has come back to be with you... To make you feel loved and truly alive... Tons of love !!! :*

    1. Thank you . Not sure what tungli is but the only wish I live long for tungli .

  2. Very touching. Happy Mother's Day.

    1. Thank you so much .wishes from elders means a lot ♡

  3. The post made me sad.Mothers are irreplaceable.

  4. I hope u give your child what you missed from your mother. Stay strong and happy... sometime we never feel like missing someone until things pointed out. as they would have created a feel of living along

    1. The only thing I missed is living with her .So my only wish staying for long years seeing how tungli grows

  5. Life is sometimes difficult, but we should try to give to others what life denied us.

    Destination Infinity

  6. There is no one who can take the place of a mother. So unique and privileged is her role. A moving tribute.
    - Pradeep | bpradeepnair.blogspot.in

  7. Touching post!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. Your can have one mother, she's is so beautiful, and ever will be.


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