20 October 2015

Ears for kids

This evening I was thinking about some kids who are facing many difficulties in their young age .We always think they are the happiest when we see them .They just have to eat ,sleep,study ,play vice versa.They need not make money, take care of family burdens,no need to pay loans and need not know what's happening around .We do think about our childhood days and wonder won't those days come back .
The truth is the kids these days are facing a major problem at home .A Kids world is surrounded by home and school.
Schools always follow a system so they have a set of rules to be followed by the kids but then at home it is not like that though discipline is important.
When your kids come home from school always listen to what they say.They will have million things to say.It might be a big thing for them but not for us.But still it's your kid and you need to know what they are saying and give ears .Let it be a complaint ,what they did in school, who got punishment, who did the home work.You are supposed to listen to them.The kids always need attention at home.

In this busy world everybody are busy with their own mobile phones chatting or working .You can chat at any time but if you don't listen to your kid he is never going to tell you anything ! 
Do find some time to have a dinner or lunch with your family in the same table and it will mean a lot .
Talk to your kids ..
God has given two ears to listen so much ...
If not both the ears listen with one ..that's enough 
Make your kids life beautiful 😍

A kid is a blessing ! 

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