14 October 2015

When mind runs

This is something that I scribbled in my diary 5 years back !

It's sleepless nights 
I could hear the traffic moving 
It's at this time I could think for myself
How cruel life has been 
It's like please god don't get my life in trouble 
But again the same continues 
How much can I bear ..stronger shoulders
I feel m too young to be this empty 
How could life be so cruel to me 
Accept the weird reality 
But at times it's the worst tragedy 
There is nothing other than happiness I need 
Life ditches at times without anything 
And leaves blank in hell 
Can't die or live 
The word I hate adjust 
No option left

I pray !!!


  1. I see the pain... feel the pain...
    And I relate to it.. in my own personal way....

  2. beautiful expressive poem
    no option left


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