19 March 2016

One best friend

Friends can be many ,
Known people can be many ,
Close friends can be many ,
But don't you think there can be only one" best friend "

I totally believe that a person can have only one best friend . You can tell to everybody that you are my best friend but you got to share everything with them and then only it's called best friends .

Best friend can only be one ! I can't add an other one to it.

I have a best friend .

Do you have a friend like that ?

Post in your views about this .


  1. I agree with u... There cn b only one best friend!
    PS: I don't hv any best friend... !

    1. Friendship should happen . Let you find one like that soon .

  2. I got group of friends, best friends always together; enjoy life with eachother! I think that single best friend you are talking about is Soulmate! Not necessary the one should be spouse.


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