1 March 2016

The NC friend

We live in world where we are all left alone . We go for work make some money and come back home . We never get time to think anything at present .
Myself , lost my parents at the age of 14 . I was left with a 8 year old brother and a 4 year old sister . The only thing I thought for till date is , how to grow up in life and change the tragedy into a history ! I always thing about work, business , health and how to keep people happy around me . I never get time for anything else though I do some painting and few other things. Even with my friends it's all about serious talks . It's very rare that I find someone interesting to me . I never wanted a friend who is so serious about life , but I ended up having serious friends . The fun part in me died .
Past few days I got a new friend from the US and it's so interesting talking to her because she never talks about life and money .She speaks about make up , pets, picnics, new clothes, comedy series , cooking , traveling what not ? I have never met someone like this and talking to her makes me happy . I always wait for her message.It's lovely being girlish at times  . It's a different feeling and I cherish her friendship .
At times it's good to love life the way it comes ..
Life is too short . Live it before u get grey hairs !

Post in if you have a girly friend like this .... 


  1. You are a brave woman... And I am so proud of u...
    Friends transform their life... Well written!

    1. You all say that you are proud of me & make me a serious person ... Lol
      But then yaaaa .... Thanks for the honest comment .

  2. glad you have a new friend.

  3. Ya true .. But I live in Dubai and she lives in the NC so we don't get much time to talk . But still we manage . Time zone issues


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