14 March 2016

Dream a job

Working in your dream company is the best thing that can ever happen to you .
Now , why did I say this ?
Yes, I have a few list of companies where I really wanted to work . I have always had this list from the age of 18 . I decide where I should work . I just don't take up whatever job comes in . Might seem to be weird but this is how it has been .
Everyday there is someone who looks into my profile from my listed company . I never know why it happens . I have 3000 followers and the graph has never gone down .
Always hope for the best and keep trying .
It's better to try than being idle .
Always have great dreams and definitely you can reach them .
Love life and love your job !

Post in your dream jobs !

Like you all I am also waiting for that day ! 


  1. I think we all will have some dream jobs... I have been fortunate enough to be part of one of the organisations in my dream list. I still have... I think kt gives a purpose and a goal... A prerequisite to keep going!


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