6 April 2016

Changes !

A life in Dubai is something that many wants  . At least many people who I know . Few of my friends I would say . I was fortunate enough to be here but there are many who have a good life and still regret .
These days that I dint write I was busy doing few things at home. In between of these I had few who called me asking why don't you write ? Few called me for asking what are you doing ?
So this 'what are you doing 'is a serious question ? Many of my friends at Dubai don't have a job . They send their husbands for work and sit at home without knowing what to do and they call me asking Shilpa how do you time pass and this is so boring ! !
What can I answer? .I always feel there is nothing called as boredom ,if you know to keep yourself busy . If you sit and think too much about everything  life ends up boring ... Somethings are to be taken as it comes !
Cross the bridge !
Stay happy with the life you have !
Everything will change or else change it the way you want ! 


Social rules

1. Don’t call someone more than twice continuously. If they don’t pick up your call that mean they have something more important to atten...