17 April 2016

A wedding wish !

In the journey of my life till now you have been in it . I still remember meeting you , the yellow shirt guy in the lift ! I never knew that we will make such good friends . There are many who came in between and many who left but you are such a sweetheart . You are the only one to whom I send my selfies , to whom I talk everything possible under the sun and you will always be that dumbest friend of mine . The only two people chatting for no use is me and you . Though we don't get to see each other or talk in Skype you will always remain the same to me ! It's been years since we met . Hopefully when I come india next time we shall meet with lots to talk ! You are the best that ever happened to me ! 
I can't think of a life without a friend like you ! 

Love  you !

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