12 April 2016

How will I ??

I have never been to a job fair because once i completed my college I got a job in a week time. So I dint have to roam for a job.From then it's like I have cleared all the interviews till date . I was just thinking for the people who gave up interviews and they wanted to know the update via e mail . What would they do ? How would they ask ? It's very difficult to approach actually . That would be the toughest e mail ever . That fear whether you will loose something because of that email always hits your head until you press the send button .
Though I have never had that situation , if I had one this is how I would write an email . How ???? I am confused now !!

Post in your experiences if you had any .


  1. I think its okay... Its important to understand a certain job is not the beginning of life and not getting that job is not end of life either... We just have to believe in ourselves!

    1. Ya true but still I want a Shilpa made template for this issue . In search of words . Should write soon and save it .


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