27 February 2017

Black pen

Drawing an idol takes so much of interest on that particular day . It has to be perfect or at least good to see . I normally don't draw pictures of idols . Today in between of drinking orange juice and eating pomegranate this is what I drew with the Reynolds refill pen that I had . I drew this having shiva, tiger and a bull in my head . I guess I have included the required on this picture ! Hope you liked it . 


  1. I love painting Lord Shiva! the Nandi looks so well sketched. Nice sketch :)

  2. There’s nothing like perfect and I don’t believe in it... but u capture the image well here. Correcting is not possible when sketching with pen and what you drawn seem exit of the flow on mind.


  3. Very brave to sketch with a pen. Wonderful work Shilpa!


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