12 February 2017

Food for you

A man who loves food will love everything in you . Cooking for people who love eating and if they appreciate it is a real treat , because I know people who don't appreciate food . I love cooking and I feel making good food for others is a blessing .
So today, at my aunts  house I cooked vegetable rice and a curd salad for 7 people . I am used to cook for 2-4 people maximum . This is the first time I cooked for a group of people and I loved the experience
So this is what I made ! Did you like it ?


  1. Yes! Looks so yummy!
    I love cooking, too, and my husband loves eating - that's how I got him to marry me.
    Love your sweet story!

  2. Yummily. Naakkila thanni oorradhu.

  3. The mixed vegetable one looks very tasty. I would like the recipe please.

    1. Cut the required vegetables and boil it with salt and a pinch of turmeric powder

      Fry some onion , garlic, cloves , ginger and chilli with few drops of oil .

      Mix all these together and add the masalas according to your interests and mix it with the rice and cook it either separately or together in a cooker

      Add some cashews and coriander for taste .

      That's it !

  4. wow... very nice akka.. missed to have that..:-)

  5. I am in love with South Indian food and have learned to cook it by taking help from online resources! the pics look too good :)


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