26 April 2017

In our hearts !

Sitting in the high dependency unit this is what i have to post now . A note that I wrote three years ago . Naveen is yet to reach and please keep us in your prayers always !

Before you were born 
We carried you in our heart
Before you were named 
We named you miracle
Before we saw you 
We knew you would be brave and brilliant 
Before we wanted to see you grow 
We made you a pilot 
Before we fed you 
We made healthy food for you 
Before we slept with you 
We had you next to us
Before you were born 
We had lots to buy for you
Before you were born 
We knew you will never let us sleep
Before you were born 
We knew you would look beautiful
Before everything that happened 
We knew you will be 
The best that could ever happen to us!
God will bless you with a miracle too one day
Then you will know the depth of love we have for you baby !!
And we will always love you ❤️


  1. Before you deliver, I want to say, I am always with you. Congratulations for a safe delivery. My prayers. And, God be with you.

  2. Very nice poem!
    Best wishes and abundant blessings.

  3. Very sweet note... Hope you feeling happy :)
    MY best wishes for all

  4. Your beautiful poem made me cry. I am praying that God bless you and your family with abundance in every area of your lives - especially your health.

    1. We are blessed with baby girl Chris on April 28. Thanks for ur prayers and wishes . We are doing good for now .

  5. Thats such a sweet one... Totally loved it...
    I hope u r enjoying sleepless nights with the princess!


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