9 April 2017

Baby elephant

This morning I decided to stay home because I got some programs to watch in the television and Naveen has taken a day off so thought of torturing him in Skype :)

Meantime, was thinking what to do ?All of a sudden those childhood days popped in my head and I started thinking how would my house look like in few days with our baby ! Don't know whether its a boy or girl .. surprise !!!

I decided to do some finger painting which I would be teaching our kid . I should try it before I teach right ?? So took some paints and did  finger painting on a canvas and that happened to be an elephant !! The elephant sitting inside my tummy was rolling la la la... Might be its reading some Sunday newspaper and watching what am I doing ??? Who knows !!!!

Hope you all liked the baby 🐘

 Post in your views


  1. not bad! looks interesting!

  2. Love it! What a lucky baby to have such a creative mom! Your baby is sure to inherit your talent (& sense of humor).
    I am keeping you and your baby in my thoughts and prayers, Shilpa.

    1. If it inherits me then it's artistic , if naveeen then it will be good at mathematics! Should be knowing soon . Let's see . Anyhow I am saving your comment and show him/her when they grow . Take care Chris . I am stitching a woolen blanket now . Will post the picture soon . My doctor tells even in the operation theatre you will be doing something I think !!! :) as only few days are left I an planning to wear a rayban orange glasses and walk in with some yo yo style!!!!


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