29 December 2020

2020 Learning .

Hello ! 

Just sitting in the sofa and thinking how fast this year has washed away . How many people I dint see and how many functions I missed and how many lost their jobs and how many lost their lives . 

I am thankful to the universe for keeping me right here . 

This year has been the bestest year for me because I have learnt so many life lessons just by sitting at home and observing people and situations around .

What all did I learn this year ? 

People and money . 

And 2021 I will see you right on face !! 

20 December 2020

My New Cooking Channel

 Hello !! 

So here is my new youtube channel of my cooking videos . Please click the below link to have a look .


Why this initiative now ? 

Let me tell few things here so that you get a clear picture on what I think . 

I am someone who loves to try varieties of food. I am a vegetarian and sometimes I eat eggs . 

From my younger days itself i had a great interest on food .Even if I eat little it must be tasty .I have always been particular on food . 

My mother was a great cook . Losing my mother at a very young age affected me a lot . Going to hostel at the age of 15 hit me hard . Nearly for 10 years until I got married food was a big problem for me . I never liked hostel food . Most of the days I eat fruits and eat . My memory of good food after my mother death is not in my head . 

Once I met naveen I knew he is also someone like me who loves tasty food . I never knew cooking before getting married .Then I decided to make the bestest of food for lifetime and whoever is with me or around me will always have food . 

I started learning cooking and got appreciation from friends and family . Later I started an instagram page and posted pictures . Then naveens colleagues started appreciating my food because he shares his tiffin box food with them .

Then slowly Tungli started to bring her friends to home and all together will sit in the sofa and eat. Their parents will be like thank you shilpa they never eat here we are happy that they eat food atleast when they are at your home .

When I post pictures many people asked me for recipes so I used to write and send it to them.

So one day i thought why not start a simple cooking channel and i did it with great help from naveen .

My channel name is PLATE IT SIMPLE ! 

I make simple cooking videos here . I dont like to show my identity in social media hence you wont see me in the video .

I hope you like it and do subscribe share and support . 

I honestly wish my mother was alive to say 'Excellent Taste '  

If you have a mother who cooks food for you Remeber you are blessed . NEVER TRY TO FIND A FAULT. 


16 December 2020

Lo Fi

 I am very happy to write this post here .

I am a person who loves english songs the most like my father . Nobody else hears to those in my family . I do like our Indian language songs but very few . I am not a big fan of any music composer's.  I do not like sad songs .I never do .I am very selective on melodies . 

Recently I realised that I am loving lo fi music a lot . It's kind of 50's songs but that retro vintage music brings a great positive feeling.  I am planning to do a small research on it and find some great songs .

What kind of music do you like ? 

Are you someone like me . Outlook is modern but soul is in 50's music;)

8 December 2020


 Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary.  Though we know each other for 10 years formally its 8 ;)

So on this day I thought of writing what I feel on this journey. 

They normally say so and so years of togethersness but I would say its 8 years of fighting and winning each and every piece of moment in life .Than being together most of the time we have been in different places .We have even stayed in Mansions in seperate rooms even after our wedding . We go out on weekends and meet in the staircase with a chai for chit chat and go back to our rooms .We have been colleagues in 2 companies . The club sandwich and tea breaks where the chit chat time .But let me tell you that was the most beautiful time of life . Less money more fun .So even in reality we have lived half of our life like hostel mates or friends or colleagues. This is one of the situation example . If I start writing then it goes on hence stopping here.

More than happiness we have seen a lot of problems get into our life all the time but we have stood for each other and got it right back on track . I am so very thankful to the universe for bringing Naveen into my life .The special quality I have seen in him is he supports my whole family at any cost and he has more patience than me. That understanding with patience is a rare thing . I always pray he stays happy ..

So this wedding day was a very simple one . He got me my favourite Plum cake .Naveen got a pair of dress for me and he got 5 pairs ;) Wait .. I am super happy that he really bought something for himself . I told him to buy more actually . He never buys anything for him .He always says you all be happy and I am happy .I made his favourite Aviyal for lunch box . That's how it went and tata bye bye to Office . 

Anyhow like you all I learnt my own lessons during this Covid times and the first thing I learnt is Naveen should first always and from now on he will be ♡ 

Hoping for many more years of friendship and then the us .Above all I have always been proud and happy that we never faked a single moment in our life . Whatever maybe our journey is right there on the table like a candle .

Love ♡ Food ♡ Sleep ♡ Peace ♡ Patience ♡ 

With love ,

Your friend 

3 December 2020

News plants and lets grow more happier

I have always liked having plants around me but not everytime and everyone get that space . When I go back to India I have some plans to have a big garden or some serious plant things . 

So as of now I bought few flower pots and trying to maintain it in a good way . I think the birds will help with it as well . 

Posting here some of the plants that I bought . I must say that these plants definitely brings happiness and a nice feeling around .

Also this is my upcoming Wedding Anniversary Gift from Naveen . We hope to grow together in a much better way with patience and understanding ourselves and others as well . 

Have a flower day people ♡

22 November 2020


Some pictures of the birds here . These birds are really cute and very much needed for the situation . Not all the days are great for us . The presence of birds brings a small change . 

Let me know your favourite one .

20 November 2020


Today as Tungli woke up a bit earlier than normal we did some colouring,bird watching,had breakfast and i took her down to see some flowers .She normally takes some flowers to keep in her head and give it to me and Naveen with an I love you ♡

Here are some pictures that I took in my phone . 

Have a great day !!! 

2020 Learning .

Hello !  Just sitting in the sofa and thinking how fast this year has washed away . How many people I dint see and how many functions I miss...