30 January 2019

Social rules

1. Don’t call someone more than twice continuously. If they don’t pick up your call that mean they have something more important to attend to.

2. When someone drops something on the floor by mistake or drops food from the plate or doesn’t know how to use a knife/fork don’t stare at them. The same goes to people sneezing, coughing or even an uncontrollable fart. It’s an involuntary reaction.

3. Always skip using the washroom beside the occupied one. It makes it uneasy for the person in the occupied washroom as well as yourself if you occupy the one right next to theirs.

4. Return money that you have borrowed even before the other person remembers lending it to you. Be it 1Rs or 100Rs. It shows your integrity and character. Same goes with umbrellas, pens and lunch boxes.

5. Never order the expensive dish on the menu when someone is treating you for lunch/dinner. If possible ask them to order their choice of food for you.

6. Don’t ask awkward questions like ‘Oh so you aren’t married yet?’ Or ‘Don’t you have kids’ or ‘Why didn’t you buy a house?’ For god’s sake it isn’t your problem.

7. Always open the door for the person coming behind you. Doesn’t matter if it is a guy or a girl. You don’t grow small by treating someone well in public.

8. If you take a taxi with a friend, and he/she pays now, you pay next time.

9. Respect different political opinions.

10. Don’t call people on the phone very late if it’s not really important.

11. Never interrupt people talking.

12. If you tease someone, and they don’t seem to enjoy it, stop it and never do it again.

13. Say “thank you” when someone is helping you.

14. Praise publicly. Criticize privately.

15. f you’re talking to someone and notice any of the following, they’re trying to end the conversation: Their eyes keep darting away. They angle their body away from you. They give you rapid one-word answers.

16. There’s almost never a reason to comment on someone’s weight. Just say, “You look fantastic.” If they want to talk about losing weight, they will.

17. If you’re getting a long flight or train, shower before. The person next to you will appreciate it.

18. When someone shows you a photo on their phone, don’t swipe left or right. You never know what’s next.

19. If a colleague tells you they have a doctors appointment, don’t ask what it’s for, just say hope you’re ok. If they want to talk about it they will and you don’t put them in the uncomfortable position of having to tell you their personal illness.

20. Treat the cleaner with the same respect as the CEO. Nobody is impressed at how rudely you can treat someone below you but people will notice if you treat them with respect.

21. If a person is speaking directly to you, staring at your phone is rude.

22. Never give advice until you’re asked

23. Do not make plans in front of those you are not involving.

24. Don’t talk to someone if they are wearing headphones.

25. When meeting someone after a long time, unless they want to talk about it, don’t ask them their age and salary.

26. When a friend/colleague offers you some food, you can politely say No. But, don't do this after tasting or smelling it. It's an insult to the one who has offered it to you

27. When someone starts talking about their ailments, don't start talking about yours.

28. When someone you know has an obvious change in appearance, e.g., weight gain/loss, bald spot, acne. never comment on it until they talk about it to you, they already know what is happened to them.

29. Never kiss a baby that's not yours.

30. Mind your own business unless anything involves you directly — just stay out of it.

31. Do not view every post on Facebook as an opportunity to argue/debate, even if does not conform to your views or beliefs.

24 January 2019

Have you ever

Have u ever been rejected by someone
Have you ever been told I am busy
Have you ever been told call me after this time
Have you ever been told I have work at home
Have you ever been told I am not jobless like you
Have you ever been told I was sleeping
Have you ever been told I will eat and call

Have you ever felt like crying
Have you ever felt so sad
Have you ever felt to talk to
Have you ever felt to spend sometime together
Have you ever felt why is he\she like this
Have you ever felt why they don't understand you
Have you ever felt why they behave like this to you alone
Have you ever felt why this happens only to you
Have you ever felt why why why ?
And ended up with no answer to your feelings .

Let me know if you have gone through this and what you did to overcome this feeling .

I have gone through this feeling many times.

Note: This is just a post and I am happy with my life and people around me .

20 January 2019

9 changes for ♡

A very happy 2019 to all of you .I know that it's late but that's ok there is always a chance for a good start .

So today I thought to write about 9 things that I stopped doing after having tungli in our life . As i am everything for tungli and i am at home taking care of her many things have changed in our life.

If there are any new mom's here I think they can relate and also let me know what has changed in your life after having a baby .

1. I stopped bathing in the morning .I normally bath 3 times a day . The situation now is I have to bath in the morning before naveen goes for work or else the only possible time is at night after he comes back home so that he will take care of tungli .Somtimes there are chances that I just have a quick bath while she is asleep . 

2.I stopped doing my mild make up too because I don't get time and when I go out I prefer dressing up tungli more than myself .

3. I don't get much time to paint .

4.I stopped watching television and I watch more peppa pig and other cartoons in the iPad. The television is on only when naveen is at home. 

5.I never eat eggs normally .I started having extra eggs just to keep me healthy so that life is better . A good decision :)

6.Myself and naveen normally watch movies at nights and now we just switch off the lights the minute she is asleep and doze off or else its difficult the next day . 

7.It's been 2.5 years since we went to the theatre. From the days I got pregnant till now we never went because the sound system might affect her ears .

8.Stopped spending money in buying clothes.Managing with the dresses I have.The only costly thing I bought recently are my white heels because i love white and that was naveens new year gift ♡

9.Not spending much money on roaming out.Most of the time we are at home spending some good time with her . We go out twice or thrice a month .

In total though there are so many changes in life it has only made the house and life colourful . 

I wish everybody are blessed with a miracle in their life too .

Post in your views 

4 December 2018

Disco anniversary

Hello everybody , long time .

So as our 6 th wedding day is on the way thought of making it simple .Couldn't buy anything secretly because wherever I go naveen follows me ;)
So I thought of writing a love letter and making the room into a disco look so that we can stay back home and have some good time during this winter .
So here is the disco thing I made while tungli sleeps and naveen is at work .
I think he won't see my blog till Dec 9th because he is busy .
Hope u all liked the disco effect
By the way the ice cream sticks were painted by me and I made those butterflies  .
Hope u all liked it  .

18 September 2018

My dear 20's

Few things that I tell to my 20 year old self .
To start with  I don't have any regrets but that bad feelings I have .I do believe that I have done the best a girl can do in her 20's .

Firstly , I was a heartbroken 20 year old living in a mansion with few clothes and no money. I had to work 7 days a week in graveyard shift .I never have my breakfast so that I can sleep.Most of my friends were boys because they don't gossip and they are easy going .

Here are few things I want to tell my 20 year old self

0.Dont marry in 20's :

Never think about marriage in your 20's.Marrying a man younger to you is never wrong .There are no such rules in my world.

1.Finding a soul friend is important :
I should have not had many friends . Should have realised who is worthy . There was a guy with whom I was a friend for 7 years and one day the friendship broke .The reasons are stories.

2. Breakups are fine .
Every time you have a breakup or a crush failure remember you will find someone great in your life .

3 .Save money :
Should have saved money .

4.Control anger :
I should have controlled my anger so that I had many people with me today . Words thrown can never be taken back . If they forgive me I would be the happiest.

5.Know your teammates :
Should have realised my team mate is ditching me so that I would have  been in the UK today but that's still fine . I am happy where I am .

6.Eat healthy :
I should have not skipped breakfast for 7 years and lived with noodles and fruits . I ended up having health issues .

7.Lend money to the right one :
 I should have not lend money to whomever asks because I still dint get it back .They cheated me .I could have done something else with that .

8.Knowledge is everything :
Should have continued my studies but that's ok I took care of my family .If I ever get a chance to go to  college I will run .

9.Spend time with books:
Should have read some books instead of spending time outside without sleeping .

10.Choose clothes wisely:
Should have tried different clothes . I remember having two jeans and few t shirts

11.Get advise from right ones :
Not everybody are eligible to advice .Just because they advise you when you are mentally ill doesnt mean they are experienced .

12. No credit cards:
Do not have a credit card with  you if you don't have your own limits .

13.Observe people :
Talk less and listen more. Atleast observe .

14.Expectation kills :
 Expectation and validation kills . Think that there is no such person alive to appreciate and encourage .

7 August 2018

Our Chennai wall

So here are few of the art works that I did while tungli is sleeping .I do wish to sleep but I don't get it that soon so I keep doing these.People who fall asleep in seconds are blessed .

So this is a yellow dreamcatcher . Thought of doing a white one but if it gets dirty i will feel sad so did a yellow one.I have currently hanged it in our hall .Tungli loves this .If she cries I show this .jing jing jing :)

This one is the golden peace tree . I have a tree painting in my dubai house .I think you all should have seen it in my previous blog . I strongly believe in seeing a tree once I wake up, a happy feeling  .I got this black chart for making a wall hanging but ended up with this tree . This is the golden glittery peace tree . It's in our bedroom ♡

This one took a lot of time. An embroidery with few flowers . Just a part of it is here.  It's a big deal to keep the needles safe having tungli at home .

So this one was made with chocobar ice cream sticks . The colours have a story which is 28.4.17 .Count the coloured sticks ☆. So on top of tungli S date of birth I have written with glitter pens . As there is no space in the main door I put it on the bedroom door .

I think you all liked these . Post in your comments.

Which one did you like the most ?

Here comes our daughter's first painting . I have framed it ♡♡♡♡.

1 August 2018


For the first time ever
I miss this place
Because she loves
To be here .

Going out everyday
Playing with the kids
Drinking orange juice in the evening
She loves
     The auto ride
 The rose on her pony tail
     The busy markets
The bangle shops too
To stand in the balcony
Looking at the cattle passing by

She loves everything here
She loves a rainy evening 
She will miss you Chennai. 
See you soon.

Social rules

1. Don’t call someone more than twice continuously. If they don’t pick up your call that mean they have something more important to atten...