1 August 2019

10 things I hate

I think of writing this everyday but i could never find time . As tungli slept early and as it's a Thursday night got some time before sleep .

1. I hate when people send me a 'k' as a reply message.Cant they type a ok, okay,okie,wokay :)

2. I hate to see the dishes in the sink when I wake up in the morning .I clean it every night before sleep .

2.I cannot tolerate the noise from a hammer it just irritates me.

3.I do not like to wash the milk stain vessels.

4.I hate when people expect me to tell them what they want to hear .

5.I hate seeing a half jug water . When I need water the jug has to be full .

6.I hate threading eyebrows because it doesnt look natural and i think its waste of money .

7.I do not like if clothes are not washed with some fragrance solutions .

8.I hate watching the same movie twice.

9.I hate mothers who dont patiently feed their children.

10.I hate when people talk only bad things about dead people .

What do you think about this blog ? What is something that you hate ?

14 July 2019

Take it easy .

So today is an interesting topic here . Atleast for few who have gone through this  .

Few of my findings from doing a matrimony search for my brother .

What do the girls family need ? Few of the scenes that happened are below .

Before you start reading I have to tell you that we have a younger sister whom we got married and I have a 2 year old daughter . So we know how things work.Just making a note here . Do not take it serious .

Enjoy reading ...

1. My daughter wears only heels hence the 1cm decrease of height would be an issue.

2. We prefer a boy who doesnt wear coolers .

3.We dont prefer palakkad boys

4.We are expecting 50 lakhs per annum income .

5.The boy has to move to Bombay with our daughter as she works here .

6.The boy has to know singing.

7.Are his sisters married .

8.Our daughter needs a pet in future . If you can buy one we are ok . She loves pets but we dont have one because the girls mother doesnt allow to get one .

9.Our daughter loves travelling hence he should keep taking her on vacations .

10.Our daughter hates pets hence if you have a pet we are not interested .

Last but not the least

11.Our daughter is not interested in kitchen duties if you are interested we are ok .

Goes on...

Still on search for a match .

Moral : Everyday is a learning :)

27 June 2019


Today myself and tungli went to a shop to buy few colouring books for her and paints . We both together did some painting . Here is few of my paintings.Which one did you like?


25 June 2019

Q&A Part 2

Shyam adithya
How do u manage to put on that innocent smile always (though I know u r not one!! ;))
Good one.This is why you are my friend :)
Because I know the person on other side is not worth my time or arguing to . I just put a smile on my face and walk off .If I dont do that then its known what will happen next.

  • Boys are innocent while comparing to girls.

Bhuvana Aunty 
How you face your stressful moment. Let me know pls
When I get stressed I think that there is no use getting stressed because nobody will help me come out of it and I have to find a way myself . Hence in that way i will think for a solution and fix it.

How do you manage to be slim always ?
Few things that I dont eat are any masala items, junk, non veg, carbonated and fried.
So I eat just fruits and vegetables and a normal diet . I do some exercise too .
I think my eating habits are the reason to be slim.

If u become CM of ur state what will be ur first action??
As a mother of a girl child I would bring the rule to shoot at sight or hang the rapist or cut him into 2 . The rest is all next.

Who is ur very close and best frd forever
I studied in a government school for few years and I got a lifetime friend named Geetanjali. Forever she is my friend but we dont chat or talk everyday but still I think of her everyday .A very positive person.Government schools has the best humans .

Narayana Uncle
What side dish u like for elavan+Chenai molakootal satham?
I love to eat it with some mahani pickle not pulikajal or injipuli.

Hows your Baby doing?
She is good and very naughty .

Amarnath Uncle
Are the people of Armenia loving, polite and hospitable?
Yes, I would love going again. They are very loving and polite . They always have a smiling face . The kids are super awesome there . They love Indians and they took many selfies with us because we were Indians.  Tungli was like a celebrity there . While comparing to Georgia I would say Armenian people are polite and loving  .

Swarnalatha Aunty
With all your talent why can't you start online coaching ?
Yes , coming soon .

Do u paint for hobby or professional painting
Some I paint for myself .Some I paint for selling .

How do you still maintain Dat Malayalam accent..?
That's me couldn't change it .I think it's because I still have contacts with palakkad people.

And there it ends . Bye guys .

24 June 2019

Q & A

Alright just thought of a Q nd A session with my friends and bloggers around.  These were the questions that popped in and here i go honestly.

I have amazed by your positivity how can you be more confident and bold ?
I think I have always been positive and also seeing the real people from the age of 13 has made me to this confident,bold and positive person.I accept the reality of life .You know that and you have been a part of few happenings in my life .So that's my answer.

How you got interest in drawing and cooking ?
I observe everything and put it on a paper from there drawing started .Then I always love colourful things hence I paint . There is so much life to an art work.
Cooking - Naveen loves food hence I show interest in it and food is everything .

How are you ? Are you happy in your life ?
This might seem like a funny question but I know that not many ask you this when we really want someone to ask us. First of all  thank you for this question .
Yes I am fine and happy with my little family busy cooking , painting and running at back of Tungli.

How do you do your craft works?
I like creating art . I don’t like to see things plain hence I decorate the wall with my paintings . I do it while Tungli is sleeping or on weekends . I tell Naveen to take care of her and complete it . Its difficult actually but I do it .

How are you getting thoughts for writing blogs? Are you connecting with your personal incidents or how ?
To be honest there are many things that I want to write from my personal incidents but it will create problems in the family hence I don’t write much of personally related ones here . I just get ideas while drinking juice, standing under the shower or while sitting in the sofa. It’s instant ideas most of the times .

Mohi Khan
Why is money respected so much in this world when it’s nothing but paper?
This question is from someone who knows me well. But I am giving my answer here . I know the difference between a rich and poor . I have lived both the life hence I keep it neutral when it comes to money . Money comes and goes but right people are more important in life like you .You have been in  my tough times .Thank you.

How do you take it when your husband goes out with friends? Let it be outing, tour, eve party.. like if he hangs out once in a month. Without any prior plan. All of a sudden plans type. How do you deal with it?
Naveen is actually happy reading this question . He is like answer it ! Firstly, since 9.12.2012 he has not let me alone (except my home)and stayed anywhere .He wont.
Alright , I don’t mind him going for parties , tour or whatever but end of the day he should be home that’s all I need . Every man has his own personal place and friends.I think I should let him enjoy.Fun at times is needed or else men will go mentally upset and that spoils even the smallest happiness at home.

Purpose of your birth ?
I think I did the best to my siblings as the eldest and next if I bring up Tungli as a good human being my purpose of this birth is done . I will happily go . But I will always be proud of my 13 year old self . Nobody would have survived or gone through what i went.

Why do you call your daughter Tungli?
When I was pregnant when I say Tungli tuku she used to kick me hence even after her birth I called her that way and she responded . From then she is Tungli for me . But later I knew Tungli has a meaning and it’s an emotionally strong person.

How to spend quality time with kids with activities at home
One good thing that I did is I left my job .I make tungli join in every activity I do at home from kitchen to folding the bed sheets etc hence it's like a fun time .Additionally  naveen helps me on weekends and after coming from work .

What is your strength?
Myself . I don’t depend on anyone to get a positive vibe .

How did your life change after having Nainika?
It’s been great so far but what we got to know is who stands for us and who doesn’t . Secondly, we have become a mountain of patience .

Harish Naidu 
Why dint you teach me tamil?
Before I taught you tamil I learnt little Telugu from you . Ha ha . Then the rest you know we had most of the time spent with friends in the pantry making sandwich and eating chips . Lol. Oh but I am happy that I found a person like you in my life . And you know what google did to us . Lol

What is the super power that you want ?
I wish I had the super power to fall asleep as soon as I think of it.I have never slept enough in life . My brain doesn’t let me .

What sets apart ordinary people from the extraordinary, is how extraordinary people manage their time, interests, family and fitness. Does really hard work beats talent?
So question to you is, how do agree or disagree with this.
I think it’s ordinary people who go through tough times sincerely and become extra ordinary.  Extraordinary  people put all their time into what they want . So that’s my answer . Time is everything for them.
Hardwork and talent has to go hand in hand.

Zainab das 
How do you balance the role of being a wife, daughter and daughter in law, and a mother and at the same time maintain your individualilty.
Being a wife is easy I love him and will do anything for him .

Daughter in law- I understood that end of the day she is a mother like me. Secondly, old people go crazy at times and we have to behave accordingly.We cannot change them.We have to change ourselves. If we do not poke our nose too much into this son and mother thing it will all be fine. Just understand the situation and behave.we might behave the same when we get old .Karma always returns hence treat her properly .Then there is something called as giving respect to the age at any cost.

Mother- I learnt it myself .

Daughter - I don’t have my parents alive but I still stay truthful to my rules .
I don’t believe in' like a daughter' hence I am able to maintain the individuality .

Priya reddy 
How do you make your daughter eat ?
When she was small she eats whatever I give because she dint know . But now that’s not the case . She is a picky eater . I ask her what do you want to eat and she tells me . I make it for her .

How I increased the chances of making her eat .

1. I don’t feed her . I make a colourful plate and give it to her and she will eat what she wants from it.

2.I make sure I sit with her and eat for breakfast and lunch . So she sees me eating and does the same .Depends on her mood.

3. Naveen feeds her at night because he likes it and she can spend some time with him too.Father daughter time.

Lastly . They will eat only what they want and not what we want them to eat . So don’t worry .

My daughter never eats rice . I stopped worrying about it .

How do u keep up ur spirit day long..
I keep thinking what's next....

When is the second child ??
And the answer is a ;) and a ♡

Thank you guys for all your time. 

18 June 2019

Hair tips

Alright so today I decided to write a beauty post so that it might be helpful for many .

Hair fall and baldness is the biggest problem these days . Most of the young generation doesnt have hair .So before I loose my hair I decided to maintain it as much as I can .

Living in Dubai and maintaining your hair is a big thing .

Few things that I follow.

1. I use a wooden comb .
2. I comb my hair once I wake up and before going to sleep so that all the weak hair falls off and the scalp feels good .
3.I wash my hair 3 or 4 times a week .
4. I use only coconut oil or sesame oil for my hair .
5.I do not use shampoo instead I use a homemade paste which I prepare .

After doing this I find great improvement in my hair quality . Though the length is short the hair which is present looks decent .

There were days when I coloured my hair pink, violet, blue etc. I have done all the possible hairstyles and what not but now i have settled with these tips because I know if i continue doing the same old things by the age of 35 i will be bald .

Hope these tips helps someone out there .

16 June 2019


To begin with I am a tamilian who knows malayalam .My childhood was at Muscat, salalah and palakkad .

According to me I never wanted to marry a Chennai boy because in my perception tamilnadu was a place which has no water Whenever I switched on the TV I remember seeing ladies standing under a tap with colourful cans on the roads .I remember telling my mother when I grow up and you search for a groom do mention that I wont get married to a Chennai boy .

And , I ended up falling in love with a Chennai boy and marrying him ♡ . Then I realised the scenes which I saw in the TV when I was small is not actually the scene.

Today facing the water scarcity in Tamil I feel miserable.Its very difficult to manage . I just thought about pregnant ladies, I'll people, ladies on periods etc etc .You dont have water for anything . JUST IMAGINE

I have no idea why this place ended up to be so . Myself being a nature lover have always wanted to stay In a village , with fresh air ,water ,mountains and so on goes the list . Many people told us to buy a house in Chennai but we ended up buying in an other state because we knew that when we retire we need a peaceful place and not a city . I wish people realized the importance of water and saved it .Its too late but at least if we try to keep.our surroundings happy and clean I think everything will slowly improve.When I talk about all these people make fun of me .But today the day has come as I always say . We are in a situation to pay thousands for water . Life has become horrible .

We have a daughter and we teach her to save water . Few things that we tell her everyday.

1 .Open the tap only while washing your mouth not while brushing .
2.Open the tap to wash your face not while applying soap.
3.After playing in the tub take that water and pour it for the plants .
4.Keep a cup of water everyday in the balcony for the birds .

We think for a 2 year old this will do .

Most of  you are aware on what's happening around and  teach your kids too about all these.You might think what will a small.kid understand but they will. It might all seem like a joke but when it happens to us and the next set of people then we will know the real thing .

I wish the best happens in our future days and peace stay with all .

10 things I hate

I think of writing this everyday but i could never find time . As tungli slept early and as it's a Thursday night got some time befor...