12 August 2016

Expectation kills , change yourself

This is one thing that I want to tell each and every human in the world .

Expectation kills you and the people living with you .

I see so many people in my everyday life . You can't even imagine how many experiences I go through in a day . I hope you also will be going through the same .

I have met people from just born till the old . Few people whom I can't get along are the oldies . The reason is they can't or we can't get along with their lifestyle . They are like broken taps . Either you have to change the tap which is impossible or tie it with a cloth which is a temporary solution . Don't take this offensive . But that's how it is . There are few with modern views and I really appreciate them .Dont think that this girl will also get old one day ! Yes I know that I will get old :)

Two things I believe, always be positive and think good for others . Anything other than this I can't be friends with them .

There is one thing you got to get in your head , the day you start expecting from others you get heart attacks. God has given you two legs and two hands so don't expect others. Especially don't expect from your relatives . If you expect that's your mistake . They are relatives not your mother or father . Let it be anything ,

Learn to live life in desert ! You have to live your life . You can't expect others to make your life beautiful . You have to ! If you expect there is no fool as you .

Try being a day without expecting and see how beautiful your heart stays !

You expecting and blaming them is your fault .

Expectation is the worst disease !  


  1. I agree not to expect anything from others. But I disagree your view on oldies. I am an oldie. HaHaHa. My lifestyle? Most young people cannot compete or come near me. I am just depressed for the past 6 months due to her passing away. Otherwise, young people cannot compete with us.

    1. Always love your honest comment . I agree with you feelings . I dint mean all but most of them . If they have modern views , people at home would be the happiest .


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