29 August 2016

Man and machine

You would have seen my previous blogs on bikes . The love is still there . We went to a showroom to buy one . We saw few enfields, beneli and few other bikes . Rather than the looks I was listening to the acceleration ! Wow that feeling is awesome !! Moments keep flickering in head . When I hear that sound I would be in some other world . Not all girls like bikes but I do . That feeling when all the people look at your bike on roads ! Yes .

Stopped at a red light,
Looking down the hill,
We wait to take flight,
We wait for the thrill.

Riding the green light wave,
Riding the small bumps and holes,
My bike and I roll down the way,
My bike and I roll as one soul.

The wheels turn quicker and quicker
While the air flies past like sweet sound.
My bike light continues to flicker,
While together we, in our music, are drowned.

There's a level of trust between us two,
We listen to each other and feel as one.
And yet there's a sense of mystery that we pursue,
That of machine and man having fun.


  1. Nice poem - words reflect your sentiments perfectly :-)

  2. Lovely:) so well written. One of ur best till date.

  3. Beautiful poem. And, thanks for sharing these photos. I have a question. In real, are you a rider or a pillion?

    1. Oh thank you ! I am a pillion . Naveen will drive . Lol :) I will sing songs . La la laaa

  4. I'm too much of a fraidy cat to ride one of these cool bikes! HA!

  5. bikes are fun but to expensive in a country like mine. You can only use it half the year in Sweden.

    1. Oh I see . Sweden I love :) thanks for visiting my page .


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