6 August 2016


Prayer is efficacious .

However , you may say that you have been praying but nothing ever happens to you .

I will counter that by saying , " if you did not pray, a lot of other things could have happened."

A simple example , there was an old lady who used to tell her beads all day long . Even though she did this faithfully sitting at home she created problems for everyone at home .

People in the house say , even though she does so much of prayer there is no change in her attitude . The beads have changed and become smooth , while her behavior is still rough as they were before .

I would say imagine her behavior if she dint say the beads ? Imagine what she would have done to the people at home? It would have been impossible to live with her in the same house .

The old lady's prayers did produce results , however small !

So ,

In any situation an intelligent person takes into account the various factors before undertaking an action . The law of karma takes care of the results .

Prayers invoke the gods grace .

Pray at least once a day !

I guess I made someone where get some faith for tomorrow . Stay happy . God bless !


  1. I beg to disagree. I am sorry.

    1. That's perfectly fine . People and opinions differ . Thanks for ur honest comment


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