5 August 2016

Miss Messy

Growing hair is a difficult task . I have tried every style possible and now I have long hair . No style as such . Probably I shall do a style change soon . Whenever I do a haircut I take Naveen with me , he is the best . Though he doesn't have sisters he knows so much about all these , might be because of marrying me :) ;)

So traveling to different countries, I have serious problems with hair loss because of the water . I have tried all the possible oils but nothing worked . Atlast I ended up with pure almond oil . I am loving it . Though you don't get it in many shops few small shops have this oil .

So few things to say ,

Your hair needs vitamin e and almonds have it so try and see if interested.

I don't comb my hair everyday . I just have a massager comb and a big teeth one .

I use the massager comb before and after sleep .

To tie my hair , my two hands are enough.

I have never had a proper hair tie , it's always messy

I love messy hairs !!!


  1. Ask me about messy hair...inspite of having just a rat tail for hair, I feel it so horrible to manage it...Rarely does a comb see my hair and my fingers are more than enuf for me to feel perfect hair...when my mother from behind always crib, "Why don't u atleast comb ur hair before leaving"...

    1. Ha ha but my mother was also like me . She doesn't use comb and won't use pillow while sleeping . I am also like that :)


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